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Small Business Interior Design Ideas That Will Help Increase the Image of Your Company

Small Business Interior Design Ideas That Will Help Increase the Image of Your Company

Small business interior design ideas are a great way to raise the image of a company and boost sales. If you are planning a grand re-invention for your business, consider using some simple, yet useful ideas. You will find at Muse design that they will make the entire work effortless and let you concentrate on more critical issues.

The overall vision of what you want to achieve

The first is that you need to have a global view of what you want to achieve. That will help you get a clear idea of how big a project should be and where it should position within the company. Before you make any critical decisions about the entire area, you should have a clear idea about what is going to build and how much of the budget should be allocated to it.

Carefully plan your available space

The second tip is to prepare the open space carefully. Do not just look at the size of the room and make up your mind about the number of employees it can hold. It is best to think about how many people will be able to access the room, as well as their access patterns and time of day. Besides, it would help if you also considered how many visits could make at one time.

As for the overall decor, you may want to consider how to decorate the place keeping in mind the aesthetic value as well as your budget. A space filled with colorful objects or a cozy corner will draw customers.

Buy things that are compatible with your stuff

When shopping for supplies, you will need to make sure that you only purchase things that are compatible with your items. You do not want to waste money by buying one thing and not another. The cost of each article should examine carefully to see if it will fit the budget and the items that are already there are already in good condition.

Comfortable working zone

Designing a healthy working environment can help increase the company’s image. Also, a new work area may be worth investing a little money to ensure that you will feel comfortable at work. If you do not have enough funds, you can always go to the company office and check out the workspace there.

Usage of your imagination and creativity

In terms of the interior design ideas, you can use your imagination and creativity to come up with ideas that will be able to impress potential clients and customers. Of course, using pictures of certain products will be a good idea. These are great tools to make suggestions when you are stuck for ideas.

Companies that use a service provider for their service tend to be highly efficient. If you have a company, take a look at their service providers and ask how they can help you. You can learn a lot about a service provider by asking questions about their services.

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Low-price services

Also, if you want to keep the prices low, you can choose one of the services that have depressed prices for a single call. You will have more chances to save money if you order several times. Also, you can find the best price from the internet, which is very useful. Click here what Robert B Weide says


In the end, if you want to raise the image of your company, you will need to be creative when it comes to interior design ideas. You have to make sure that your ideas will be meaningful and eye-catching. It is best to have several different interior design ideas so that you can choose something that is uniquely you.

So, if you want to raise the image of your company, you should consider using interior design ideas. Best of luck with your business!

A Startup Idea


A Startup Idea That Can Change The e-commerce Delivery Systems in Future

A Startup Idea

Today I will share a startup idea that can change the e-commerce delivery systems in the future.

What is a startup idea?

  • Startup ideas are those ideas that can solve social and entrepreneurs’ problems.

  • The idea, which can reduce your cost.

  • That can give you opportunities to earn money within your regular life.

  • That may break the conventional system.

Before starting, just looks back on how e-commerce delivery systems are working.

Around the world, all e-commerce companies are using three systems for the delivery of their products.

  • Using own delivery system: It requires huge manpower, vehicles, and big investment
  • Using the third party: Many small courier companies are working for e-commerce companies to deliver their products.
  • Government post office: Government post offices have a very big network and they are cheaper than the other two systems. Many companies are also using this system.

All the above three systems are costly and time-consuming. In the tough competitive era, customers are looking low cost and short term delivery systems.

All the above three systems have an express delivery system, but that is more costly.

Let’s see how my idea can reduce the cost of delivery and time.
Just think how many people are roaming in your city from one area to another area for their needs every day or every hour. It may be uncountable. All these people are moving from one place to another place by expending their own pocket money.

If we can use these people for caring e-commerce products (naturally these products are very small and low weight), these people can earn money, e-commerce companies can deliver their products within a very short time and definitely the cost of this system will be very low comparing to the conventional e-commerce delivery systems.   

How This System Will Work? 

Just think about the Uber app. How uber is working? People who are roaming with their car or vehicle from one area to another area, they just open the uber app. Those who need car drop just set their destination. His nearest uber (who can drop him) car accept the request, drop him at his destination and earn some money.
This uber app model will be used for my proposed startup. 

How this startup can reduce delivery cost?  

When you are selling your products online, you can’t expect that your customers are always within your area or city. 

Now, what you are doing when you are an Amazon seller or e-commerce seller?  Either you deliver the goods through Amazon/e-commerce sites’ own delivery system or you are using any courier company. All the systems need a big establishment. They are employing huge manpower, need many vehicles for their transportation, and using a very big wear house for receiving and delivering customers’ products.

All these require a big investment as well as big expenditure. 

But when you know that your neighbor is going downtown and you have an order of a t-shirt or a watch from the same place, you can give your packet to your neighbor for delivery at the same place or area. This system doesn’t require big space, manpower, vehicles. So, no need for investment as well as expenditure. 
On the other hand, your neighbor will happily do the work as he is getting some money.

In this system, you don’t need to use DHL, FedEx or Amazon Express. Your customers will be happy when they have to pay a lower amount for delivery.     

How to This System Can Reduce Delivery Lead Time 

My proposed system can reduce product delivery lead time significantly. 

Let’s see how the current delivery systems are working.

In the current e-commerce marketplace delivery system, merchants are sending their goods to the e-commerce hub points. Then e-commerce companies are collecting the goods from the hubs and sending them to the central wear house. In the central wear house, they short out the products as per delivery destinations. 

Then they send the goods through their own vehicles to the destinations. These total processes require 5-7 days.

How my propose system will work within a short time?

In this system, you don’t need to send the goods to the e-commerce hub points. So the total processes of the current delivery system will not work and the lead time of 5-7 days will not require. 
When you use my proposed system, you can find who going to your required destination. You just hand over the goods to the person who is going to the destination and happy to deliver your products.

This total system will require only 1 day. 

You can make your customers happy to offer them 1-day delivery within a very small amount of delivery charge.

What difficulty you can face in this delivery system? 

You can’t use this system on COD delivery as there are many unknown persons who may do this job.
As the people who are roaming and you are using them for our product delivery, they may not be as professional as the delivery company. 

What technical support required for this system?

It requires 3 different types of apps. 

1st app is for those who are roaming or traveling to one place to another place. 

2nd app is for e-commerce merchants or the suppliers of the product. 

3rd app is for the company who will work for this startup. This app should install at the e-commerce marketplace. So, when a customer orders any product at an e-commerce marketplace like Amazon, this app will generate a report with the product, destination and send it to the product supplier and supplier’s nearby people. Within these people, anyone can accept the job. One, who accepted the job and supplier, can communicate with each other using their app. 

How this startup can change the conventional e-commerce delivery system?

Think about uber. Uber doesn’t have any own taxi, but this is the largest taxi service in the world. They already break the conventional taxi service.

The same system will work in this idea. People are roaming in areas, one area to another area, one city to another city and one country to another country. If you can use them for carrying small packets and pay them some money, they will be happy to work for you.

In this system no need to employ delivery men, delivery vehicles, warehouse. 

This system also reduces the delivery steps like merchant sending the goods to e-commerce hub points, collecting the goods from hub points and send to the central warehouse, shorting out the goods as per destination in the central warehouse. 

Reducing all the delivery steps, delivery men, vehicles and warehouse can be a cause of reducing delivery cost and lead time. 
This is the reason, this startup idea can break the current e-commerce delivery system.      

This whole process can be implemented in an area, a city, a whole country, and the whole world. 


This startup idea comes to my brain when I was facing difficulties to deliver my e-commerce products. I don’t have an idea that is there anyone already started this startup or not.
It requires more research before implementing this idea.

If there is anyone who wants to work with this startup, can call me at +8801817096395 or email at [email protected] 

A Case Study for Entrepreneurs on Amzon.com part 2

A Case Study for Entrepreneurs on Amzon.com part 2

A Case Study on amazon

we know we’re in the mall to go we drive over here to this side the Macy’s or Dillards or Sears we know where all that is but online it’s all about the search that’s where you start your product right here I’m going to show you something really interesting okay there’s a ten-year chart 

I’m about to show you a three-year chart this chart here is the percentage right of our choice of where to start a search for something we buy online in 2014 we chose a search engine 55% of the time to go search for something 38% of the time we went to amazon.com and we searched right there in the bar once we get to the home page of Amazon over three years search engine has gone to 26% meaning today.

a hundred people decided they’re going to go buy something online only 26% of them go to the Google box or any other search engine box and of course Google’s dominant to start their search for a product find me this find me that whereas Amazon it’s risen to 52% so now when people go to buy something online 52% of them go to amazon.com and search right there on Amazon only 26% go to the search engine.

Deep analyzing 

so not only does Amazon have a huge treasure of all of our purchase histories we’re started with books and goes on to other things now we know what we’re searching for because most people when you come here you’re either cookie or you logged in so they know what you’ve been searching for they know what you bought and there’s this huge huge mountain of information

 I saw an article it was back in 2004 2005 and they said that the largest Linux database in the world had been built at Amazon and it was purchased data my friends that was 2004 2005 I mean go look that uphold me, honest gang, because I’m pretty sure I’m right about that but that was the largest Linux database 

all this information of everything that’s been purchase search is everything knowing what you want when you want how to put things next to you absolutely tremendous and now we’re starting there first you think that and you think it’s bad to let me get out of the way and show you one more thing 18 to 29-year-old people 62% go to the Amazon box 21% go to search engines 32 44 56% goes to Amazon box 26%.

you know I may have a new word and the word is Oba you know I happen to think that this war for online retail when you’re going to find something is close to ova because when you’ve got this much data and an amazing search engine when you go take a look at Amazon they had a project it was called a nine and a nine was only about building. The next part will be coming soon.

if you like this article then don’t forget to comment and share with your friends. if you didn’t read the previous case study then click here. thank you soo much guy, God blessed you all.

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A Case Study for Entrepreneurs on amazon

How Amazon Dominated Retail – A Case Study for Entrepreneurs

A Case Study for Entrepreneurs

Hello, everybody Tom Ellsworth here and welcome to business idea blog in this week we’re taking a look at amazon because you asked for it many of you said how about a case study on Amazon and I looked at it there’s a lot of ways you could go into that but I thought that the best one was just to take a look at the essence of retail and the essence of retail for Amazon is dominance so we’re going to take a look at how are they dominating.

why are they dominating dive in a little bit because there are some lessons for you and me even as we enter into the waters of the digital retail ocean and maybe do something whether you’re selling t-shirts or doing something more substantial today two core points 

we’re watching history in retail we really are watching history and we need to appreciate what’s happening even if it kind of makes this a little worried about how big Amazon is getting there is something to watch and understand and actually appreciate the point

 number two digital sales for anybody is a three-front war and it’s not the army on the land and the Navy in the sea and the Air Force in the air it is search selection and delivery and we’re going to look at all three of those about Amazon is using those and dominating actually in each of the three areas to create an overwhelming market presence well we know Amazon’s been on a tear

if you open up the Wall Street Journal or any casual magazine you see that they’re doing something else or another big number associated with them okay let’s dive in and go from the general to the specific today Amazon’s worth three hundred and eighty-five billion dollars you know Facebook is worth three hundred and seventy billion dollars so you hear about social media and all the things that have happened and you hear headlines about retailers having issues that vanity and Amazon

they’ve actually grown to be bigger than Facebook in terms of their value on the stock market if we take a look at the playing field of retail I think it really helps us understand just how amazing this has been so we take a look here in 2006 this little list of retailers here was worth four hundred million dollars and there are people 

we remember like Sears pennies Macy’s Best Buy Target and Walmart pretty big if you take Walmart off list everybody else is only worth 186 so with Walmart 400 million dollars without Walmart 186 now looking to long ago is just exactly 10 years ago now we go to 2016 serious is worth almost nothing and by the way, black & decker just bought craftsman tools 

so when you think about Sears used to go there for Craftsman tools I did growing up because it was a great tool at a great price it was really sturdy stuff you know it wasn’t some bargain basement bin you might find inside of a Lowe’s or Home Depot next to the front door

you went to Sears to get Craftsman tools because they meant something well now Craftsman tools are now part of Black & Decker and serious is worth 1 point 1 billion dollars you know barely alive they probably have real estate that they owned it’s worth more than that you would have two pennies Nordstrom’s own Kohl’s down Macy’s under half best buy under half Target jump and Walmart 

they’re the only two that are holding on and Walmart’s kind of flat but if you now this list is only worth three hundred billion dollars and if you take Walmart out this list is worth eighty-six however what happened to Amazon that same point in time they were worth 17 billion dollars over here selling books doing things like that now they’re worth three hundred eighty-five billion dollars you know 

I haven’t said it in a while but there’s only one word for that damn you know I think if you take a look in retail and you see where it’s gone you say to yourself how did this happen well this didn’t happen because we decided we were going to buy online it didn’t happen because we wanted to buy a book there instead of going to Barnes & Noble you’re watching Crown books and Walden books and all those other places and borders go out of business

it’s more than just books it’s what they did with their bookstore engine and what they were learning about how you and I purchase if we step back a minute I’ve got some more charts today 

I want to talk about you know Black Friday used to be all about remember Black Friday used to all be all about let’s go shopping and there were sales at all these stores now Black Friday is it’s almost like pay-per-view wrestling get to tune in and watch which store in America had a riot because some low priced toy and caused
all these people to run in to get the one toy for two bucks and there’s big mob scene or they’re at Best Buy for that remember that five-dollar DVD player or that the $50 46 inch plasma display and all these people are in waiting by the doors

it’s not Black Friday it’s kind of like WWE meanwhile everybody is at home sitting there on their phone and on their tablet and on their PC buying from Amazon and getting it delivered you know so retail is dramatically changed you take a look at search it’s where it starts when we want to buy something online because…… 

The next part will be coming soon…😀 

Top 10 Small Business Ideas in India with Small Capital

We all know that India has the second-fastest growing economy in the world also Indian market is made up of a population of more than 1 billion even the US government says that this is a good time to invest in India.

Top 10 Small Business Ideas in India with Small Capital

Top 10 Small Business Ideas in India with Small Capital

If you are looking for starting a small business in India with small capital then read this full blog and get ten small business ideas in India with small capital. 

10. weight loss management coaching according to study we found 50% of Indian..people are suffering from obesity or overweight weight loss management coaching service will be the best idea to start your business in India 

9. plastic recycling plants due to huge amounts of the population in India we have seen too much pollution and plastic waste at every place we visit in addition India needs to set up thousands of plastic waste recycling plants all over India.

8. commercialism ancient merchandise online Bharat has several villages and tiny cities wherever you found best product makers and employees they’re not privy to commercialism those merchandise by mistreatment
the pace of the Internet, therefore, why not you find traditional products and sell them on your website.

7. t-shirt printing and selling business this business has a high demand because of increasing the population of India most of all college students are looking for well-designed meaningful t-shirts from online and offline stores even most of the big YouTubers are making money by selling those own branded t-shirts.

6. freelance coaching classes due to this new changing world we are looking for making part-time income and want to use our spare time to make some extra income so start this business if you have good knowledge about teaching people about how to become a freelancer and how to start part-time freelancing work.

5. 3d printing services if you are interested or passionate about the printing and designing industry then you can start 3d printing services in your hometown or online.

4. Affiliate marketing business nowadays the internet is becoming more and more powerful there are millions of digital products are on the internet they are offering affiliate Commission once you sell it through your affiliate link, therefore, starting an affiliate website and selling affiliate products will be a highly profitable business for you 

3. Adventure travel planning business if you become an adventure travel planner and organize the best travel places with all the security and safety then people love to travel with your company sue.

2. Application development business most of all new startup beginners are looking for building responsive application for Android and iOS users so if you have mobile application development skills then you can go ahead for starting an app development business in India 

1. Animation company, if you are passionate and skilled in the animation industry then opening an animation company, will be a highly profitable business idea in India.

If you have any questions on starting a small business in India then feel free to write your questions in the comment box you thank you. 

Work from Home | 10 Business Ideas to start from HOME!


Work from Home | 10 Business Ideas to start from HOME!

you want to work from home but you see the value in starting your own business and you’re wondering what kind of business is that you can start that will allow you to work from home and create the type of work environment that you just absolutely desire and you really want so

today I’m gonna tell you 10 different businesses that you can start to be able to work from your jammies, hey hey so I get it I totally get it I’ve been there done that got the t-shirt you want to start a business and I’m gonna tell you some ways you can do that here in just a minute but once you do start that business you’re gonna go down this giant rabbit hole of who do I follow what advice do I take what should I be reading what should I cut be consuming and I’m here to tell you that this blog you were on right 

now is a blog that you should add to your watch list so if you are new here I am Jessica Stansbury and I help entrepreneurs with work at home businesses and all the other types of businesses create content that actually converts to sales so that they can grow on autopilot so when you’re reading this and you’re like yes 

I want to start this business that one of these ideas works for me woohoo but what do I do next I’m your girl so make sure you hit follow so that you don’t miss anything else that I’m putting out working from home is not an impossible task finding good work from home jobs can feel impossible and on a blog.

I did a couple weeks ago I mentioned a couple of different ways that you can work from home and the first of those was to start your own business and I only listed off a couple of the possibilities that fall in the realm of starting your own business where you can work from home so today 

we’re gonna expand on that guys we’re gonna expand on it we’re gonna do this I’m gonna give you an idea and you’re gonna be like yes that’s the one I’m starting my business today that is my goal so if you are looking to start a business and you I haven’t done that yet  

you don’t know what the next steps are and you don’t know where to go from here I’ve created a business builders guide for you so that you can understand it and know what your next steps are and really get a firm grasp on starting this business from the ground up and it’s completely free all you have to do is go over to Jessica Stansbury comm /b BG and that stands for business builders guide.

I don’t want you to leave this blog to go do that but you just know that it’s linked up in the description below and you can go open that sucker in a new tab here in a minute and grab that guide for yourself because I promise you that I’m gonna inspire you and you’re gonna want that alright thus 10 2 hands 10 businesses that you simply will begin nowadays to be ready to work from home-prepared very well let’s try this favorite graphic designer does one have some quite graphic skills or does one have a background in commercial enterprise or does one have some skills from school that you simply may pull in if you are good at that kind of thing this is where, 

I came in first if you are good at that kind of thing and you have a good I offer graphic designing as a service that you can provide to people number two web designing kind of along the same category not really but kinda so if you kind of know the back ends of how to design a website and really how to get it all done offer your web design services people will love it 

the third issue that you just may altogether do to figure from home and begin a business is to be a tee shirt designer currently this positively includes a little additional
like effortful sort of actual like physical intensive work thereto then like an internet designer graphic designer

but I’ve seen a lot of businesses start from the ground up in this category from someone’s kitchen or living room so that’s a really good idea to the fourth business idea is to be a product developer of some sort maybe you have an amazing product that you want to get out into the world does that thing do it from home 

who says you have to have like a warehouse or a storage building or anything you can easily work from the comfort of your own home creating the product that you want to put out into the world now the fifth business that you can create on your own and work from your jammies is a virtual assistant business, 

now this one is where a lot of people get started because they come into it they’re like how can I start online how can I start a business associated work from home and that I have this company background I used to be a govt assistant I used to be this that or the opposite and it falls very nicely into the category of virtual assistants and if you want more information about that or you want to learn how to be a virtual assistant 

I’ve included a link to my friend Ivy’s programs in site below she’s an amazing teacher for people who want to become virtual assistants and is an amazing resource so if that sounds like something you want to do hit her up below number six is to be a coach this could be a weight loss coach this could be a business coach 

a life coach a money mindset coach this could be whatever kind of coach you want to be but you can be a coach and work from your own home you are coaching people over the phone over video to try to to one thing to find out a way to do one thing to empower them to try to to one thing no matter, however, this may be a district of experience for you variety seven be a nutrition or a fitness knowledgeable 

therefore does one love food and love intake right and love fixing sensible food for your family and love training other people maybe you are a personal trainer and you want to get out of the gym you can easily create online ways to be able to do this thing and work from home so there are definitely a little a few more certifications in this area than like a lot of these others include but maybe you that’s what you want to do and you’re like hey 

I want to be a nutrition coach or a fitness coach or you know whatever in that realm do it yo do it number eight is one that I just absolutely love and I’ve created and I’m creating more blogs about how to do it and how to do it successfully and that is to be a blogger now bloggers do make money there are a lot of bloggers out there that don’t make money so if you are looking to get into this field of business make sure that you’re doing 

your due diligence and doing it right because you can do it from home but you actually need to make sure it’s a business and not a hobby alright number nine is to be a social media manager you like to post on Instagram you like to post on Facebook you can easily step into a company and say hey 

I’ll post for you and here’s my right business is done and that leads me into number 10 a little bit I don’t really know how that leads in but we’re gonna go with it and number 10 is to be a copywriter maybe you have the gift of gab you love to write you are a publisher by trade you are an aspiring writer you just really love to write you’ve always been good at writing you can be a copywriter 

you can be someone who turns content from blogs into blog posts you can be someone who writes sales pages in a way that convert for people you can be a copywriter that people love and really want to call on so definitely consider that as one of the things as well now there are a hundred and two thousand other ways that you could work from home by starting your own business 

but this is just Tim ten of the ways that I could think of that I know people actually making money with right now and so I know that you could easily do them as well well again if you are looking to build a business like these definitely pick up the business builders guide at Jessica Stansbury com /bb G that’s link below as well as everything else I talked about in this blog and until next time bye.

Work from Home | 10 Business Ideas to start from HOME!

Best Online Business In 2020


Best Online Business In 2020

hey, there my name is Chris winter and in this blog. I’m going to share with you a few business ideas that I think would work really well for this year now the great thing about these business ideas is that you don’t need a whole lot of money to get started

maybe even no money and you can pretty much get started if you’ve got access to either a phone or a computer you’ve got both it’s even better but these ideas will hopefully maybe clicking your head and hopefully you’ll get to figure out that one of these might work for you hey by the way if you’re new to my channel. 

I just want to say a big welcome I make easy to follow videos and things like starting online businesses making money online affiliate marketing personal finance and more my goal on this channel is to help you build multiple streams of passive income which is something that I’ve been fortunate enough to do myself so if you’re into any of these topics please subscribe now and I’d also love it if you could hit that like button on this blog as it really helps out this page.

anyway let’s get started with the first business idea so the first business that I’m going to recommend is to start affiliate marketing now you might have heard about affiliate marketing from you know YouTube or maybe a friend has been doing it but essentially what affiliate marketing is is promoting someone else’s product or referring someone else’s product and then essentially you get a commission from if someone signs up from your link so a great way to think about this is to think about Amazon

 now Amazon has one of the biggest affiliate programs in the world and I’ve actually been a member of it for I think it’s six or seven years now it’s called Amazon Associates and essentially what happens is if I review something like a camera now I actually have a photography channel which is quite large has around about 400,000 subscribers if I recommend a camera say a Canon 70d a TD they’re like a dealer they might cost around about 1,000 to 2,000 dollars with Amazon 

if I say review that camera and then someone clicks the link it to Amazon to get that camera if they purchase that within 24 hours I’m going to get a commission Amazon has a kind of a varying Commission rate so they go from 4% all the way up to around about 8% of what you the purchase amount is so let’s say for $1000 camera to make it quite easy if someone purchases that camera I’m going to make around about $40 for everyone who buys that camera so $40 sounds pretty good but the great thing with affiliate marketing is it’s generally not just one you know thing that you’re going to be promoting so let’s say 

I’ve actually reviewed ten cameras and you know people who end up buying 10 times that amount of cameras I could easily make $400 a day through the Amazon Associates Program now there are definitely different types of affiliate programs that you can sign up for like I said the Amazon one is a really really popular one and it’s definitely something that I would recommend if you are kind of a beginner because it’s very easy to get into another one is the Shopify affiliate program, for example, I make around about $300 to $400 a day just by recommending Shopify and that’s actually something we’re going to talk about later on in this video essentially Shopify is a way in which you can build an e-commerce website so you can study products online

 if I recommend people to use chocolate for Shopify either through like a tutorial or a review or something like that I actually get the first two months of their signup purchase so it’s around about $50 every time someone signs up and again you just do this in kind of a bit more of a bulk kind of way so you get like 10 people signing up you can make $500 a day through affiliate marketing now what is the best way to promote these affiliate links well you have to be really careful with affiliates because you don’t want to come across as spammy so you don’t really just go into Facebook and post your affiliate link in like 10 different groups first off it’s not going to work well because people don’t really want to click on random links and secondly that it doesn’t have a long kind of lifetime value so the best way that

 I’ve found to do affiliates and I’m I do make a lot of videos on this you can actually check out my channel if you want to go a little bit deeper on affiliates is through doing like tutorials and reviews so a tutorial, for example, could be you know a Shopify tutorial so again we were talking about the Shopify affiliate program one of my biggest videos that refers a lot of affiliate commissions is a full-on Shopify tutorial you know I sat down for an hour walk to people through how to set up a Shopify website and from people sign up for a free trial and then converted so that’s definitely one of the best ways to do it affiliate programs are a great way to kind of get going especially if you’re a complete beginner now 

we’re talking about affiliate links and one of the great ways to promote affiliate links and this is kind of the old school way of doing it is to start a blog and monetize it so a blog is essentially a website where you can post different blog posts essentially so you know written word maybe 800 words per article about a niche so you could, for example, create a financial blog or a blog about cameras or a blog about beauty or something like that 

 then you can actually monetize it through a bunch of different methods so the traditional way of monetizing a blog is through running Adsense so Google Adsense and that’s essentially google’s way of putting ads on your blog and you know you might make maybe five dollars per thousand page views ten dollars per thousand page views really does depend on your niche but you can also make money through a lot of other ways on a blog 

so like I said before we can also do it through affiliate links so let’s say you’re gonna be reviewing may be a financial service like in one and one Finance which is a online brokerage you could do a review about that or a tutorial about that and if someone signs up from your blog you can make a good amount of money you can also do guest posts and sponsored posts on your blog so essentially you could you know have a sponsored post by again m1 financed 

 if you know you write a post and you talk about their product they might pay you $100 or $200 for that blog post depending on the size of your blog obviously if it’s a much bigger blog you can get it to be a bit more successful you can definitely make a lot more money than $200 for a blog post maybe even up to you know $5,000 for a good blog post now the best way to set up a blog is probably through WordPress now wordpress.org is where you would go to find out all about those websites and actually on my channel

 I have a lot of tutorials about how to set up a WordPress website another thing you can do is set up an e-commerce website and sell your own products so the best way to do this is probably through Shopify I talked about them earlier on in this video but essentially what Shopify is going to allow you to do is set up a really good-looking and well run Shopify site and you’ll be able to sell your own products now there are a few ways in which you can source these products you could do them through something like a print on demand so if you wanted to sell t-shirts 

but you don’t wanna have your own inventory you can go to an app called print full and print full will pretty much do all the work for you so you can just upload your logo or get someone to design a logo for you and then from there you can actually put that logo on you know t-shirts mugs caps all of this good stuff and then they’ll print it for you deliver it for you and do all of the good work so that’s definitely one way of doing it you can also do drop shipping which you might have heard about it’s very popular at the moment but essentially 

what that is when you you know you don’t have any products yourself but you would you know find a product from China generally so through Aliexpress then you’ll use an app called uber Lo and from there if someone comes to your website they’ll buy that product and then essentially it’ll go directly from China to your customer now there’s a lot of work that goes involved into this and it is a very crowded market probably not what I recommend for beginners straight away but it can be good if you kind of know what you’re doing another option is to self publish a book now back in the day when you wanted to create a book it was very difficult 

especially if you were a complete newbie or you’re a beginner and you weren’t a household name because if you don’t know generally to create a book you need to go to a publisher and then they will do like a book advance and stuff like that and it is a very very long process and generally they’re not going to talk to even unless you’re a very very like well we’re known well-renowned names so these days it’s totally possible there are lots of sites where you can just self publish your own book you can even do it through amazon.com which is fantastic and another thing that 

I would probably recommend if you do have a good idea for a book is to create an audiobook as well our audiobooks are fantastic and in fact I listen to probably more audio books than I read books these days through things like audible and if you do you know get a microphone like this it’s just a blue getting nano microphone cost me around about a hundred dollars and get some really good quality audio and then you can tell your audiobook as well and again you could sell that on your Shopify website 

through you know your blog as well so you can actually create multiple different streams of income rather than just one book which is probably not the biggest trend these days whereas a lot of people love listening to the podcasts and audiobooks and stuff like that so that’s definitely one you could make some money with as well now another one of my favorite things and one of my favorite like kind of businesses is to start a YouTube channel 

obviously, this is something that’s quite close to me and close to my heart because I love YouTube I’ve been doing YouTube before I read about five or six years now, in fact, I actually have two channels I’ve got that photography channel that I was telling you about and I’ve also got this channel here which is more about business and the great thing about studying in YouTube channel is that you can really build a community so you know if you get even a community of a thousand subscribers or 2,000 subscribers that’s 2,000 people who might want to say buy your book on Amazon 

your audiobook or they might want to go and check out your blog and it’s a great way to really build a long kind of lasting community apologies about the lighting it’s a cloud come over but it really is a great way to really promote yourself and also build that really good kind of connection with people because you’re sitting there essentially talking to them for you know 10 minutes at a time 20 minutes at a time and it’s super easy to do that and another thing that I really like

I really want to go a little bit more in-depth on this later on in my on my channel is to create a digital product now a digital product could be anything it could be a course it could be downloadable it could be a digital tool like a preset or something like that and this is a really great way to make some kind of passive income because a digital product generally is something that you’ll create you know early on you might take your an hour or two hours to create but then once you’ve got it up on your website you can actually have it for a long time and people will just download it pay for it 

so they might pay you $20 $30 for a course they might even pay up to $500 for $1,000 if it’s a video course and with that, you can really make a good amount of money and the great thing is is that it’s pretty much all profit after a while because you you’ve put your time in maybe two hours like I said before but every time someone downloads it you just get a PayPal notification you get a stripe notification and that money goes straight into your account so that’s definitely a great way of doing it now if you’d like me to go into more detail about how to create digital product I’m interested in doing that 

I would actually like to do it as well but I really like the idea of doing online courses I think they’re a great way because a lot of people want to learn more these days especially in this kind of online era so there you go, guys, there were some business ideas that you can start with pretty much no money hopefully you’ll be able to find something that works for you and hopefully, you’ve got to get started now if you’d like me to make more videos on either of these topics or any of these topics that 

I talked about please let me know and I can make more videos and try and help you out as best as I can possible that’s it today guys hope you have a fantastic day good luck with your businesses and I’ll see you next time bye. 

Best small ideas in 2020


Best small ideas in 2020

Best small ideas in 2020

hey what’s up guys my name’s Chris will intern in this blog I’m gonna go through the top 20 small business ideas for this year now the great thing is that most of these businesses can be done by beginners so complete beginners and you don’t need a whole lot of startup money to get started in fact you might not be able to do this even if you’re completely broke which is always good because I know not everyone has access to a whole lot of money

 but anyway let’s now get started with these twenty business ideas for this year alright so the first online business that you could do is to become a virtual assistant and the best place to do this is at a website called upwork.com and essentially what upwork.com is going to allow you to do is to get jobs online without actually having to be in a physical location so the first job that I was saying is to be a virtual assistant and you can see that these people here have been earning a lot of money working from home

 so Morgan right here has been earning $17 an hour made over $10,000 Megan he has made $20 an hour over $70,000 and essentially what you would do as a virtual assistant provides assistance services to people over the net but if you got skills in bookkeeping I’d definitely take a look also it up work because you can get paid a whole lot more so, for example, Mike here he’s earned over two hundred thousand dollars online 

on up work because he’s able to charge a hundred and fifty dollars an hour for his bookkeeping services Linda here is charging $50 an hour and has earned over $100,000 Robin $55 and over $100,000 so you can see that these guys here and making a whole lot of money they’re all from the United States and essentially 

all you need to know is how to work in software like QuickBooks which is essentially an accounting software or bookkeeping software just knowing you know the basics of income and outgoings and things like that and also there’s another software called zero which is another one which you might want to learn that

 you could spend you know maybe three months learning about bookkeeping and you could definitely get a job as a bookkeeper on upwork.com so next up is to sell your services over at fiverr.com now this is a little bit different to up work because you’ll essentially be doing it on a project basis so you know there are so many 

different things that you could do over on Fiverr so you could do voice-overs you could do translations you could do transcribing people’s text you could write small blog posts and things like that but originally what Fiverr used to be as you know selling your jobs for around about five dollars these days it’s changed a lot and you can do kind of certain gigs so you could do 

a gig, for example, designing an Amazon product listing image these guys here are going to be doing it for like five gigs worth which would be like $25 I’m in Sweden so this is in kroner but you can do so many different things logo design if you could at that if you want to know how to help people with their social media you can do that

 if you’ve got a nice voice you can do a good voiceover you can do translations illustrations there are so many different things that you can do on Fiverr and it’s a great way of making a good amount of money again from you know from your own home so if we take a look at this illustration here done over 1,000 orders 

we go Wiggles he’s a level 2 seller and he’s done over a thousand orders and his premium package is around about fifty dollars three hundred crowns is about fifty dollars and all he’s doing is drawing this kind of illustrations and then selling them to people on Fiverr another job that you could do is to review things either on a blog or a YouTube channel and I think that my channel is a really good example of this 

so I have a second channel this one here is called Chris winter photography and essentially what I do is review cameras so if someone is looking to buy a camera I’ve made that camera review and you know talking about it shared my thoughts with it and you can see that lots of people like to watch reviews before they buy them so, for example, this here is a canon t6 review I made it three years ago and it’s already had 800,000 views and there’s another different kind of videos that I’ve made so for example if someone’s looking for the best beginner DSLR this one he has had nearly a million views this one for 2019.

10 Online Business Ideas I’d Start If I Wasn’t So Damn Busy! Part-7


10 Online Business Ideas I’d Start If I Wasn’t So Damn Busy! Part-7


you for business coaching or marketing consulting so that’s another idea always a huge demand and an opportunity there if you have certain skills with social media or search engine optimization or whatever it offers yourself as a coach when it one a great way to make money but also add value to people’s lives and also you cultivate and develop your skills a lot more as well I’ll give you guys two more before 

I wrap up software I think software is great software doesn’t require a lot more experience and money and resources to be able to create but with all these whenever there’s kind of these growing trends online on the internet people are always willing to pay money to save them time to automate things to make things a lot easier and a lot faster because you know there’s only really two ways to do that you could hire someone which is always kind of a pain because you got to find them and interview them you got to manage them and train them all that sort of stuff or if you can have a software that can do that and run on autopilot 

just kind of impress a few buttons and it does the job that someone you’d have to hire to do that’s always the better path because you don’t have to hire them and interview them and train them and manage them and all that sort of stuff so software is great now there’s opportunities and markets that open up like Amazon is big and you know there’s a lot of you know people that are Amazon sellers they’re looking for ways they can build their business easier and faster so that provides opportunity for different where is that if you can create that and help make their job easier then now you have all this huge market of Amazon sellers 

that are gonna then buy your software and use it same thing you know even goes with affiliate marketing or all these different things out there so it’s identifying these markets like for example cryptocurrency it was a huge emerging market in the last few years and especially last year just really blew up and everyone’s everyone in there their dog is getting the cryptocurrency well with that because cryptocurrency is getting so big comes an opportunity for people to create different platforms and services and things that can go along with that

you know as the saying goes when there’s a gold rush oftentimes that people are making the most money during the gold rush or not the people that are going out there mining for the gold it’s the people that are selling the picks and the shovels and the wheelbarrows right that are there to support that demand so if you think that way then there’s a lot of opportunities that you can make a lot of money from there and the last one that 

I have is always done for you services so again anything that could save people time say people you know accelerate the process so if you can create something that’s done for them that people will pay you more money from that just to save them time and I’ve sort of doing that more in my business as well so for example you know

I have like a service now that I’ve trained my team to do where we’ll set up their funnel your online funnel for you and it’s a done-for-you service or we’ll set up your website for you you know it’s a bonus now providing with my affiliate marketing mastery is you know you say yeah we’ll give you a bonus my team will set up your website for you will install the different plugins configure it all a sort of stuff so it’s saving you a lot of time especially for someone that doesn’t have to have the experience they’re more intimidated and they’re just looking to get started they’re looking just to get in the game a lot faster so done-for-you type services and any type of business is always great because 

people will always pay that for you it’s almost like if you buy a TV there’s a few different options one you can just buy the TV outright right that’s the cheapest way of doing it the second way is maybe the TV with you know some sort of training they’ll show you how to configure it and set everything up and then the best level is you know though I should be someone that will come over to your house and they’ll set everything up for 

you set it and forget it, man, you don’t have to do anything they configure everything for you the way you want it to be and of course that costs more money but there’s always a market for that there’s always people out there they don’t want it’s kind of like buying a Kia Furniture nobody wants to set up the nobody wants to you know put everything together it takes hours to do that and so instead they have a service done-for-you service hey you know what we’ll come over 

we’ll set everything up for you and we’ll get it set up the way that you want it to be set up and there’s always people that will pay you for that so those are I think more than ten different online business ideas things that I’d like to pursue one day but what are your ideas guys I want you guys to think of ideas that can help you guys build your business and be able to succeed you know anybody can just give you an idea you know you can you know to give somebody a fish and feed them for a day but 

if I teach you how to fish I can feed you for a lifetime and that’s why it’s so important imperative and you guys could take any these ideas that you want and I’m sure you could be fine with them and of course you got to put the work and the time energy the passion all that sort of stuff to succeed with it

10 Online Business Ideas I’d Start If I Wasn’t So Damn Busy! Part-6


10 Online Business Ideas I’d Start If I Wasn’t So Damn Busy! Part-6

10 Online Business Ideas I’d Start If I Wasn’t So Damn Busy! Part-6

I know some of the Tantra teachers that are out there some of the big ones because I’m friends within I’ve been to their workshops but I found that a lot of them they’re actually not really that great at marketing they’re not really that great in communicating it they’re kind of a little bit too people get turned off sometimes I think from the message of Tantra or some of these sort of things because it’s there too spiritual there to airy-fairy and their communication of it 

 I think if you can better communicate and market it effectively then I could do really really well so that’s something I want to pursue one day but I see you know one thing also a lot of people don’t realize is awesome often times when you have these ideas you don’t necessarily have to do it yourself like there are some situations too for a different product or course you can partner with someone 

who is the expert and then you do the marketing for it you know you’re the one behind the scenes new the marketing implementing these marketing skills that you have and then they’re the face of the product they’re the Guru they’re the expert there’s a lot of great business ideas that happen that way too another one you know time management course that’s something that 

I want to personally create or also on mindset because that’s a huge challenge that I see a lot of people face and deal with in the market that I’m in that want to change their life that want to build a business they don’t have much time they have all these limiting beliefs and stories and and and just such a limiting psychology that holds them back from creating the success that they want and I think there’s not enough emphasis on mindset and time management really learning 

how to optimize and specifically when you target it for online entrepreneurs people that want to build an online business because that’s the challenge a lot of people have is they have limited time they have their nine-to-five job and then that’s something they only have time to do and there are evenings and weekends but a lot of people they have no idea how to manage their time effectively so that’s something that it’s probably going to be more of my immediate future I’d like to focus on another one is coaching consulting 

I think in the day and age that we live in now where there’s more automation as more technology there’s lots of information out there and what’s lacking is a lot of the personal connection a lot of the one-on-one coaching consulting or the workshops and events and for me I love coaching I built my career of coaching get on skype with people and meeting up one-on-one and now for me my time is so much more limited and my time is much more expensive to that 

I haven’t been able to do that nearly as much as I’d like to because I love it so for me personally is getting more there’s always more off there are tons of opportunities for that if you have certain skills there are always people they’re gonna be willing to pay you for that and I think that’s why it’s so imperative and important to becoming a master in your life to cultivate your value in your skills because the more you do the more you can charge or you can serve and help people but helping people on the one-on-one basis is very powerful 

I think it’s one of the best ways you can help people to get results in their life whatever it might be or in small intimate groups events masterminds things that nature so I already do some of that but I would like to do a lot more of that and maybe even position myself to focus on doing coaching in certain aspects of life or niches that 

also have a passion for because right now my rates are very expensive based on my time but it’s more targeting position towards people with business and marketing because those are the people that are willing to spend that amount to work with me for that versus it’s harder to charge a high amount in relationship coaching or confidence coaching or things of that nature than it is someone paying.

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