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5 business ideas you can start with no money

5 business ideas you can start with no money
5 business ideas you can start with no money

5 business ideas you can start with no money

what’s up everybody, one of the biggest entrepreneurship myths that you’ll hear is that you need a lot of money to start a business sorry but uh that’s not true what you’re talking about just please you can’t name three business ideas that you can’t start with a lot of money well you’re in luck because today I’m gonna go over five business ideas that you can start with zero dollars if you have the right mindset and the hustle now none of the things that

I’m gonna talk about are easy or get rich quick type of things but they can work if you put in the work and like with anything else there are risks associated with starting the business so you should speak to an attorney in your area so you understand all the local laws and regulations that govern your business idea.

first sell things that you buy for free wait wait wait wait what remember we’re talking about starting from nothing right so find things of value that people are trying to get rid of and take them for free and then sell them now this might sound really difficult but it’s actually a lot easier than you might think because a lot of people don’t want to go through the hassle of reselling their stuff so they’ll take their used TVs or furniture which are pretty valuable still and they’ll put it on the curb for the garbage man or woman to take away and if you want to find a goldmine you can go to a college campus at the end of the year and you will see tons of people that are moving out of the dorms and their apartments and they’ll be throwing away their expensive lamps and furniture and dressers and you can take these things and sell them to incoming college kids

now you might be wondering wait is that even legal well you should always check the local ordinances to see what the local laws and regulations are in your area but in general, when somebody takes something and they put it on the curb to be thrown away it’s considered abandoned property and anybody can take it.

5 business ideas you can start with no money

once you start to make a little bit of money doing this then you could take your profits and you can go to garage sales and you can buy things for cheap and then sell them online for even bigger profits second start event planning so I have a lot of experience with this because event planning was my first real business and what you can do is you can go to local restaurants or other venues in your area and ask them if you can host a show or event or a party there then your job is to convince the owner or the manager of this venue that they should not charge you because they’re gonna make a whole bunch of money inside by selling food or drinks or whatever and you’re gonna make it money by charging cover or an entrance fee for everybody that comes inside if you can get a hundred people to come and you charge them ten dollars a person you just made a thousand dollars in one night.

this is where it is super important to learn how to sell and how to talk and then if you need to bring a deejay to find somebody who’ll be willing to work for a percentage of the cover charge that you make this way they’ll be incentivized to bring more paying customers because the more you make the more they make.

third start a t-shirt selling business you’ve probably seen that every single organization or club or group or team or whatever gives t-shirts to their members so people can walk around saying hey I’m a part of this really cool organization see it on my shirt well I noticed that too when I was in college and I also noticed that a lot of these organizations were buying these t-shirts from retailers who charged a lot of money 

so then what I did was we’re not to Google and I found some online t-shirt manufacturers who could print the same t-shirts and a lower price and then I went to her school’s directory and I found every single student organization on campus and I emailed every single one of them and I said hey I’m a student on campus with you and I just started this t-shirt business and I would love to work with you I can make it the exact same t-shirt that you want for a lower price in two weeks or less then these organizations would send me their designs.

I would take that design and I would go online and input it there and it would say something like it’s gonna cost you four dollars and 25 cents a shirt if you bought 150 shirts and then I would go to the organization and I would say hey I can get you the shirt made for five dollars and fifty cents this way I would make like a dollar and a quarter per shirt and this was cheaper than what the other retailers were charging this way it was a win-win they would save money I would make money and they got exactly what they wanted fourth to be a marketer I used to be up with magic tricks.

I still like them now but when I was younger there was this really cool kiosk in the mall that sold magic trick stuff what colors do you see here look carefully do you see purple and yellow if so watch carefully whoa I like some of the tricks that this kiosk was selling so I bought some of them and then I went back later and I bought some more and then I was like I don’t want to keep paying for more and more magic supplies so then I started talking to the owner.

I realized they don’t have any sort of internet presence or a website or any social media presence long story short I helped them get online and in return they gave me free magic stuff go to your mall or local City Fair and start talking to small business owners that are selling their products in person but don’t have any sort of online presence and then help them sell their products on the Internet in exchange for a monthly consulting fee what will probably end up happening is 99.9% of these businesses won’t understand.

why they need you so they tell you to go away because they’re doing just fine right this is why you need to be creative the first thing you got to do is start talking to these business owners and get to know them if we’re just walking around handing out business cards left and right your cards are just gonna end up in the garbage so start talking to these business owners

see what they need to see what they do and then tell them that you had this marketing business and because you loved their business and their products so much you want to help them out by giving them a one month free trial of your business.

then see where it goes if you do a good job during the one month free trial then a percentage of people that you’re working with will want to pay you to continue working with you and if you’re looking for tips on how you can grow and build your presence online whether it’s for your business or for somebody else’s.

number five do services there are five services that you can do for people in your neighborhood that won’t cost you a dollar to start you can pull the weeds rake the leaves shovel the snow tutor their kids and walk their dogs walk around your neighborhood and start knocking on people’s doors and let them know that you’re starting this business and that you live on

5 business ideas you can start with no money

 business ideas 

 the same street as them this will build credibility and as soon as you start getting some clients to ask them to be your testimonials to help you get more clients yes it is very hard yes it will take time yes you will get rejected by a lot of people and no you will not make a ton of money starting tomorrow but you have to decide if that’s the reason why you’re gonna give up or if that’s the reason why you’re gonna become tougher and be a better entrepreneur and go out and make it happen thank you for reading

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