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10 Online Business Ideas I’d Start If I Wasn’t So Damn Busy!


10 Online Business Ideas

hey what’s up guys Stefan here from project life mastery command today I’m gonna share a few guys ten different online business ideas that I would personally pursue myself if I wasn’t so damn busy as you guys could probably imagine I’ve got a lot going on I’ve got a lot of distances and projects and I can’t do it all so oftentimes what 

I do is whenever I have ideas for things I write it down I capture it and so here on my phone I like to use Evernote and I use on my computer as well so that I’ve got a little notebook here that as I think about ideas I can put them in here and build up a vault and then when I’m planning out my goals for the next year whatever might be five years from now ten years from now I can always tap into all these different ideas that I have of different opportunities that I could pursue to make money or build businesses or whatever it might be so

 I highly recommend as you guys go about your life and you guys think of ideas write them down because how many times do you think of something that you forget about so you should always be creating new ideas tapping into that creative mind and be an idea-generating machine and write them down so that eventually maybe one day you could pursue them now I know for myself there’s no humanly possible way that I could do at all and it’d be foolish to think that I can or even attempt to I see a lot of people out there they have all these ideas and they’re trying to do all these different things at once but really what you’re doing is you’re diluting your focus you know 

I’d much rather implement one great idea really well masterfully and go deep with it and do an amazing job and be the best one out there then trying to pursue ten different ideas half-ass and kind of dabbling with them and do a mediocre job that’s a horrible way to do things instead it’s great to have one or two maybe three ideas and really implement that – the best way the best humanly possible way that you can and as we have more time or resources whatever it is you can be more strategic you can leverage more and you can actually implement a lot more as well now these ideas that 

I’ve got here I’ve actually got more than ten that I’ll share with you guys some ideas that I’d like to pursue one day these are things that are all aligned with my personal interests I don’t pursue things just for money you know of course any business has to be profitable there has to be potential for that but for me it’s more than just money for me it’s doing something 

I’m gonna enjoy something that I have an interest or passion for something that I feel that it’s gonna make a contribution to the world and make a difference and serve the world in some way for me if you focus on that the money follows now there are of course different ideas that might have more potential to make more money from and the ideas that I have here one thing you guys might notice is I don’t have any fear 

I don’t have scarcity like a lot of people do and hopefully I can demonstrate that with you guys you know so many people out there they have their little ideas and they’re so afraid to share it they want you to know it’s almost like they’re afraid that someone else is going to take that idea and create more competition for them or something like that guy I don’t care about that at all I have no fear about that I just have an abundance of it but also 

I think a lot of people that have those fears it’s because they lack confidence like all they have different ideas I’m going to share with you guys here if any of you guys want to take it and run with it go for it but I’m not scared or intimidated by that because honestly, I have confidence in myself that 

I can do a much better job I believe that I can offer my unique gifts and skills and I can market it a certain way because ideas by itself guy guys have little value you know everybody has different ideas but the real value of that is being able to execute that implement that put that into action something that very few people are actually willing to do and you know it’s more than just the idea but it’s how you market it how you sell it 

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you know Apple you know Apple wasn’t the first company to think of the idea of an mp3 player you know there was already mp3 players out there on the market and there are actually better ones that when the iPod came along there were better mp3 players out there than the iPod but what Steve Jobs did he wasn’t afraid or intimidated he said you know what it’s a great idea but I can do a better job thank you for reading next part will be coming soon.


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