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10 Online Business Ideas I’d Start If I Wasn’t So Damn Busy! Part-2

10 Online Business Ideas I’d Start If I Wasn’t So Damn Busy! Part-2

10 Online Business Ideas I’d Start If I Wasn’t So Damn Busy! Part-2

10 Online Business Ideas I’d Start If I Wasn’t So Damn Busy! Part-2

hey, what’s up guys jack here from businessideablog.site So today we start from where yesterday we finished the last paragraph I can market this in a different way I can brand it I can create a different customer experience and so the idea is that I have it’s not that you know they’re so special that no one else out there is doing them you know 

I’m sure there are other people out there that are doing you know many of these different ideas that I have I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel here it’s the ability to execute your ability to market it build a brand around and build a business around it and there’s a lot of markets and opportunities out there that there’s more than enough room for many different products or different positioning of different products that are available there so guys if you have this fear about your little idea that you might have or your product idea on Amazon whatever it is guys we’ve got to have more confidence in you because when you’re confident in you because it doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing like for me

 I believe that I can pursue any business out there and be successful at it because I’m betting on myself and I’m gonna bet on myself every single day of the week and that’s a confidence that you have to build and cultivate with yourself ok guys so let me dive into some of these different ideas so one idea that I think is always great and I’d love to do it more and I might pursue this more maybe in the next year or two there’s a really great opportunity to make money

 if you have some marketing skills and you can actually buy businesses or buy different websites that are available so there are certain websites and marketplaces out there where you can buy domain names like GoDaddy auctions or you can buy you know websites on flippa.com FL IP PA dot-com and there’s different kind of platforms like that where a lot of people out there they have web sites they have social media accounts 

they have you know already a business out there and they’re looking to sell it and often if you have certain marketing skills you can buy that business relatively cheap and before you buy it you already know all these different ways that you can build it up and make money from it or get a greater return on it or maybe build it up or flip it so I think that’s a great opportunity I’d like to pursue that a lot more a little bit above that in the past but 

I just think that’s always a great way to make money for them because there’s a lot of people out there they have a blog or them have you know their little website whatever it is and they’re getting traffic they’re getting traffic they might have a little bit of an email list they have some branding or that though even the website is ranked well it’s got a high page rank in the search engines its ranking well you know for certain key it’s got some domain Authority and all the sort of stuff that if you just kind of have some basic skills you can go in there you can buy it cheaply because a lot of these people that are selling them they’re not really like 

I know so many bloggers out there they’re selling their websites but they have no idea how to market it they have no idea how to really monetize it and so if you know affiliate marketing if you know how to monetize things if you know how to you know different tweaks or different things that you can do then that’s an amazing opportunity that you can buy something cheap build it up or even just sometimes you just make a few tweaks for it and then boom all of a sudden you turn it more profitable and you can make a great passive income from that so

10 Online Business Ideas I’d Start If I Wasn’t So Damn Busy! Part-2

 I always think that’s a great opportunity great idea to make money from another one that I have and this is actually something I’m pursuing right now and do more of is I’ve kind of created a bit of a method that for affiliate marketing that I think is a great way to make money with affiliate marketing I’m right now creating a training and me also kind of like a done-for-you service inside my marketing mastery course but it’s basically creating a mini-course okay so creating a mini-course you first got to identify the niche and the products within that niche that

 you want to promote or sell but you’re creating a free mini-course in that free mini-course could be a seven day course it could be a three day course it could be a 14 day course it could be whatever you know you want it to be but it essentially be this course where you’re giving away value people have to put in their name and email you’re giving a free course of course refer you to people and that course is providing tremendous amount of value but within that course

 it’s promoting as an affiliate different products or tools or resources that are basically kind of essential or a necessity to go along with that course and because whenever you provide something that’s incredibly valuable like that for free and people benefit from it and they’re like wow oh my god thank you so much this is amazing and they have those little lightbulbs go off in their head then all of a sudden they they’re gonna be more open to saying you know what this guy’s great he recommended this or he recommended that I’m gonna check that out because I think it’s gonna help me implement better. this was not the end of this article next part will be coming soon thank you.


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