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10 Online Business Ideas I’d Start If I Wasn’t So Damn Busy! Part-3

10 Online Business Ideas I’d Start If I Wasn’t So Damn Busy! Part-3

10 Online Business Ideas I’d Start If I Wasn’t So Damn Busy! Part-2

10 Online Business Ideas I’d Start If I Wasn’t So Damn Busy! Part-3

what this person is providing so that’s always a great method or a great strategy and you could do that for different niches out there so an example could be well the one one of the ideas that I have for a niche for me is binge eating so let’s say someone had a binge eating problem and you create this little binge eating course on how to overcome it right and you had this little seven-day overcome binge eating and you know you had some different strategies every day you had a little blog or article or something

 that’s valuable for them that just gives them some valuable tips and over seven days they see some great progress from that but within those seven days you might promote or offer a few different resources that can help them as well that you’re an affiliate for that if they end up buying through you you’ll get a commission from them so that’s essentially what the strategy is that I’m gonna be teaching more 

but I’m actually doing it more myself first before I teach it because whenever I teach something I like to make sure that I’ve got you to know the formula down I’m getting great results with it and then give great examples to help people with that as well and by the way I even have eye on the domain names 30-day 30-day morning ritual challenge calm as well because that idea that I have for that is hey you know what I’ve been doing my 30-day morning ritual challenge you know my social media have done it you know in the past years and whatnot and I’ve got my course called morning ritual mastery and a lot of great written you know resources 

I’ve got some top YouTube videos on morning rituals as well so I to want to turn that website it’s kind of a similar thing like a 30-day kind of challenge thing or people gonna be involved in a post on social media they use certain hashtags and and you know basically it’s kind of like a 30-day kind of process but it’s a great way if I have my own product which I do I can promote through that or you can do it be an affiliate and promote other people’s stuff to you so it’s kind of ideas like that

 I really liked because you’re really providing value to people and you’re creating an experience for them and they’re actually providing and promoting things to them that will legitimate eave the results or the goal that they’re after much faster okay I’ll just dive into that next one so the binge eating program so many of you guys know my history 

I used to have a binge eating disorder I did two different fitness competitions in 2012 and 2014 and I ended up developing a binging disorder and for me doesn’t one of those hard most painful things that I ever went through in my life and I remember god I scoured the internet for solutions 

I bought books at the bookstore I you know looked at every different product or resource or YouTube video everything that was possibly out there to overcome my binging disorder and what actually found is that there wasn’t a lot of good stuff like it’s such a great market because if you’ve got a great store you’ve been through it you’ve over a comment there’s a lot of people out there that need help and

 I did a YouTube video when I overcame it’s my um that I did on my youtube channel that it really popular I think it’s almost got a million views on how to overcome binge eating disorder and that video did so well and I get people that reach out to me all the time from that and so I really realized why there’s a big market where there’s a lot of stuff that 

I learned that I could help so many people with just from my experience my story with it but all the different resources and the things that I’ve learned myself that can help people so I would love to create one day this has been on my list for a few years 

I know if I ever will though but it’s such a big market and there’s not enough people in it that are like really providing like a business and books and resources and training and all this sort of stuff that I think it’s a great opportunity for someone to get into you and you know you could do well on YouTube 

you know interviewing different people and binge eating and creating a lot of great content on that and create a video training program and all these different things I think you could do really a lot with that I think you could do a lot with affiliate marketing there’s probably certain supplements that you could either create yourself or sell or physical products that can help people as well 

I think like for example there’s one product and be great to be an affiliate for or to private label and do yourself is um like a lot of people that binge you have those cravings and in these desires and then you buy into it so you’ll like go to the store and then you’ll end up buying ice cream or whatever then coming back and eating it but there’s actually a product that’s kind of like a jar or like a little safe you can set a timer for it so when you have that willpower you put like your key isn’t it you put your wallet your credit cards all that your phone all that stuff in it and so that way

I have those you know temptations and cravings you know you’ve got nothing in your house anyways but you can’t you know take your keys or go to the store or take your wallet and stuff so you have to learn how to kind of cope with it so anyways I’ve got a lot of ideas for that one but uh I think that’d be a great one too anyways publishing a book I’ve published a lot of different books a lot of the books that I published though I more than the publisher rather than the author of them.


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