Home Uncategorized 10 Online Business Ideas I’d Start If I Wasn’t So Damn Busy! Part-5

10 Online Business Ideas I’d Start If I Wasn’t So Damn Busy! Part-5

10 Online Business Ideas I’d Start If I Wasn’t So Damn Busy! Part-5

10 Online Business Ideas I’d Start If I Wasn’t So Damn Busy! Part-5

10 Online Business Ideas I’d Start If I Wasn’t So Damn Busy! Part-5

I actually think this has already been done by many people but I think you could position it in certain ways to do super well with it so anyways that’s one thing another one is planners So this is something I want to do for a while

I just haven’t had a chance to really dive into it but creating certain planners for how to manage your time how to manage your day how to manage your life and your goals and everything there’s already a bunch that are out there but I know for myself I have my own strategies and my own kind of my own formula and stuff of how I do things that I think would be very unique and do really well with that so certainly certain types of planners 

I think can be really effective and if you position it the right way I think planners are great too because people buy them as gifts for people and then also you know it becomes a part of someone’s life so when someone’s using a plan or you know they’re using that every single day and that’s powerful marketing is when your product plays a daily role in someone else’s life and you know once you know the run out of pages are gonna keep buying more and more from you so you can really expand the value of a lifetime customer you can also create an app to go along with it as well and also there’s opportunity for an information component on the back end 

where they also provide training and more information that can further help them with time management productivity optimization or whatever it might be so that’d be something I’d probably first sell on Amazon and then sell on Shopify and on the website and just kind of build a brand from it but the reason why I like this product as well as even like the nootropics things like that is because there’s a big leverage component 

which I love in business so a huge mistake that often a lot of people make is they just try to market and build their product themself but they don’t use leverage and if you’ve got a product like that like a certain supplement or a planner great opportunity is to find and network with other people out there that are influencers that have big names they have a big following and give them your product for free build a relationship with them so that essentially 

they can promote the product to their audience for you and you could even get people that can sponsor your product and be ambassadors for your products and so that’s always one of the best ways to market is now you’re leveraging someone else’s influence their credibility and their following in their audience to help you be able to sell your product so that’s one of my favorite ways of marketing 

I think one of the best ways out there is when you can leverage that I mean even potential with binge-eating because if you can you know so so many for example Fitness competitors and Fitness people they struggle with binge eating that they have a huge audience that also had been through eating disorders as well that you can leverage and have them be ambassadors for your product or program to help promote it so there’s a lot of opportunities in ways you think about how you market your ideas that can make it very effective so another great idea that 

I have that I’d love to pursue this will probably be in the next few years is with Tatianna and I we actually want to create a relationship program a relationship training program to share a lot of the rituals a lot of different practices and principles that we live by to make our relationship great and I realized you know I’ve spent a lot of time in the relationship market because I used to be involved in it and also now it with Tantra as well and I’m actually surprised how much it’s kind of lacking in that marketplace on how to really have an amazing extraordinary relationship but also integrating Tantra into your relationship as well there are books. next blog will coming soon thankyou soo much.


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