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10 Online Business Ideas I’d Start If I Wasn’t So Damn Busy! Part-7

10 Online Business Ideas I’d Start If I Wasn’t So Damn Busy! Part-7

10 Online Business Ideas I’d Start If I Wasn’t So Damn Busy! Part-7


you for business coaching or marketing consulting so that’s another idea always a huge demand and an opportunity there if you have certain skills with social media or search engine optimization or whatever it offers yourself as a coach when it one a great way to make money but also add value to people’s lives and also you cultivate and develop your skills a lot more as well I’ll give you guys two more before 

I wrap up software I think software is great software doesn’t require a lot more experience and money and resources to be able to create but with all these whenever there’s kind of these growing trends online on the internet people are always willing to pay money to save them time to automate things to make things a lot easier and a lot faster because you know there’s only really two ways to do that you could hire someone which is always kind of a pain because you got to find them and interview them you got to manage them and train them all that sort of stuff or if you can have a software that can do that and run on autopilot 

just kind of impress a few buttons and it does the job that someone you’d have to hire to do that’s always the better path because you don’t have to hire them and interview them and train them and manage them and all that sort of stuff so software is great now there’s opportunities and markets that open up like Amazon is big and you know there’s a lot of you know people that are Amazon sellers they’re looking for ways they can build their business easier and faster so that provides opportunity for different where is that if you can create that and help make their job easier then now you have all this huge market of Amazon sellers 

that are gonna then buy your software and use it same thing you know even goes with affiliate marketing or all these different things out there so it’s identifying these markets like for example cryptocurrency it was a huge emerging market in the last few years and especially last year just really blew up and everyone’s everyone in there their dog is getting the cryptocurrency well with that because cryptocurrency is getting so big comes an opportunity for people to create different platforms and services and things that can go along with that

you know as the saying goes when there’s a gold rush oftentimes that people are making the most money during the gold rush or not the people that are going out there mining for the gold it’s the people that are selling the picks and the shovels and the wheelbarrows right that are there to support that demand so if you think that way then there’s a lot of opportunities that you can make a lot of money from there and the last one that 

I have is always done for you services so again anything that could save people time say people you know accelerate the process so if you can create something that’s done for them that people will pay you more money from that just to save them time and I’ve sort of doing that more in my business as well so for example you know

I have like a service now that I’ve trained my team to do where we’ll set up their funnel your online funnel for you and it’s a done-for-you service or we’ll set up your website for you you know it’s a bonus now providing with my affiliate marketing mastery is you know you say yeah we’ll give you a bonus my team will set up your website for you will install the different plugins configure it all a sort of stuff so it’s saving you a lot of time especially for someone that doesn’t have to have the experience they’re more intimidated and they’re just looking to get started they’re looking just to get in the game a lot faster so done-for-you type services and any type of business is always great because 

people will always pay that for you it’s almost like if you buy a TV there’s a few different options one you can just buy the TV outright right that’s the cheapest way of doing it the second way is maybe the TV with you know some sort of training they’ll show you how to configure it and set everything up and then the best level is you know though I should be someone that will come over to your house and they’ll set everything up for 

you set it and forget it, man, you don’t have to do anything they configure everything for you the way you want it to be and of course that costs more money but there’s always a market for that there’s always people out there they don’t want it’s kind of like buying a Kia Furniture nobody wants to set up the nobody wants to you know put everything together it takes hours to do that and so instead they have a service done-for-you service hey you know what we’ll come over 

we’ll set everything up for you and we’ll get it set up the way that you want it to be set up and there’s always people that will pay you for that so those are I think more than ten different online business ideas things that I’d like to pursue one day but what are your ideas guys I want you guys to think of ideas that can help you guys build your business and be able to succeed you know anybody can just give you an idea you know you can you know to give somebody a fish and feed them for a day but 

if I teach you how to fish I can feed you for a lifetime and that’s why it’s so important imperative and you guys could take any these ideas that you want and I’m sure you could be fine with them and of course you got to put the work and the time energy the passion all that sort of stuff to succeed with it


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