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Best Online Business In 2020


Best Online Business In 2020

hey, there my name is Chris winter and in this blog. I’m going to share with you a few business ideas that I think would work really well for this year now the great thing about these business ideas is that you don’t need a whole lot of money to get started

maybe even no money and you can pretty much get started if you’ve got access to either a phone or a computer you’ve got both it’s even better but these ideas will hopefully maybe clicking your head and hopefully you’ll get to figure out that one of these might work for you hey by the way if you’re new to my channel. 

I just want to say a big welcome I make easy to follow videos and things like starting online businesses making money online affiliate marketing personal finance and more my goal on this channel is to help you build multiple streams of passive income which is something that I’ve been fortunate enough to do myself so if you’re into any of these topics please subscribe now and I’d also love it if you could hit that like button on this blog as it really helps out this page.

anyway let’s get started with the first business idea so the first business that I’m going to recommend is to start affiliate marketing now you might have heard about affiliate marketing from you know YouTube or maybe a friend has been doing it but essentially what affiliate marketing is is promoting someone else’s product or referring someone else’s product and then essentially you get a commission from if someone signs up from your link so a great way to think about this is to think about Amazon

 now Amazon has one of the biggest affiliate programs in the world and I’ve actually been a member of it for I think it’s six or seven years now it’s called Amazon Associates and essentially what happens is if I review something like a camera now I actually have a photography channel which is quite large has around about 400,000 subscribers if I recommend a camera say a Canon 70d a TD they’re like a dealer they might cost around about 1,000 to 2,000 dollars with Amazon 

if I say review that camera and then someone clicks the link it to Amazon to get that camera if they purchase that within 24 hours I’m going to get a commission Amazon has a kind of a varying Commission rate so they go from 4% all the way up to around about 8% of what you the purchase amount is so let’s say for $1000 camera to make it quite easy if someone purchases that camera I’m going to make around about $40 for everyone who buys that camera so $40 sounds pretty good but the great thing with affiliate marketing is it’s generally not just one you know thing that you’re going to be promoting so let’s say 

I’ve actually reviewed ten cameras and you know people who end up buying 10 times that amount of cameras I could easily make $400 a day through the Amazon Associates Program now there are definitely different types of affiliate programs that you can sign up for like I said the Amazon one is a really really popular one and it’s definitely something that I would recommend if you are kind of a beginner because it’s very easy to get into another one is the Shopify affiliate program, for example, I make around about $300 to $400 a day just by recommending Shopify and that’s actually something we’re going to talk about later on in this video essentially Shopify is a way in which you can build an e-commerce website so you can study products online

 if I recommend people to use chocolate for Shopify either through like a tutorial or a review or something like that I actually get the first two months of their signup purchase so it’s around about $50 every time someone signs up and again you just do this in kind of a bit more of a bulk kind of way so you get like 10 people signing up you can make $500 a day through affiliate marketing now what is the best way to promote these affiliate links well you have to be really careful with affiliates because you don’t want to come across as spammy so you don’t really just go into Facebook and post your affiliate link in like 10 different groups first off it’s not going to work well because people don’t really want to click on random links and secondly that it doesn’t have a long kind of lifetime value so the best way that

 I’ve found to do affiliates and I’m I do make a lot of videos on this you can actually check out my channel if you want to go a little bit deeper on affiliates is through doing like tutorials and reviews so a tutorial, for example, could be you know a Shopify tutorial so again we were talking about the Shopify affiliate program one of my biggest videos that refers a lot of affiliate commissions is a full-on Shopify tutorial you know I sat down for an hour walk to people through how to set up a Shopify website and from people sign up for a free trial and then converted so that’s definitely one of the best ways to do it affiliate programs are a great way to kind of get going especially if you’re a complete beginner now 

we’re talking about affiliate links and one of the great ways to promote affiliate links and this is kind of the old school way of doing it is to start a blog and monetize it so a blog is essentially a website where you can post different blog posts essentially so you know written word maybe 800 words per article about a niche so you could, for example, create a financial blog or a blog about cameras or a blog about beauty or something like that 

 then you can actually monetize it through a bunch of different methods so the traditional way of monetizing a blog is through running Adsense so Google Adsense and that’s essentially google’s way of putting ads on your blog and you know you might make maybe five dollars per thousand page views ten dollars per thousand page views really does depend on your niche but you can also make money through a lot of other ways on a blog 

so like I said before we can also do it through affiliate links so let’s say you’re gonna be reviewing may be a financial service like in one and one Finance which is a online brokerage you could do a review about that or a tutorial about that and if someone signs up from your blog you can make a good amount of money you can also do guest posts and sponsored posts on your blog so essentially you could you know have a sponsored post by again m1 financed 

 if you know you write a post and you talk about their product they might pay you $100 or $200 for that blog post depending on the size of your blog obviously if it’s a much bigger blog you can get it to be a bit more successful you can definitely make a lot more money than $200 for a blog post maybe even up to you know $5,000 for a good blog post now the best way to set up a blog is probably through WordPress now wordpress.org is where you would go to find out all about those websites and actually on my channel

 I have a lot of tutorials about how to set up a WordPress website another thing you can do is set up an e-commerce website and sell your own products so the best way to do this is probably through Shopify I talked about them earlier on in this video but essentially what Shopify is going to allow you to do is set up a really good-looking and well run Shopify site and you’ll be able to sell your own products now there are a few ways in which you can source these products you could do them through something like a print on demand so if you wanted to sell t-shirts 

but you don’t wanna have your own inventory you can go to an app called print full and print full will pretty much do all the work for you so you can just upload your logo or get someone to design a logo for you and then from there you can actually put that logo on you know t-shirts mugs caps all of this good stuff and then they’ll print it for you deliver it for you and do all of the good work so that’s definitely one way of doing it you can also do drop shipping which you might have heard about it’s very popular at the moment but essentially 

what that is when you you know you don’t have any products yourself but you would you know find a product from China generally so through Aliexpress then you’ll use an app called uber Lo and from there if someone comes to your website they’ll buy that product and then essentially it’ll go directly from China to your customer now there’s a lot of work that goes involved into this and it is a very crowded market probably not what I recommend for beginners straight away but it can be good if you kind of know what you’re doing another option is to self publish a book now back in the day when you wanted to create a book it was very difficult 

especially if you were a complete newbie or you’re a beginner and you weren’t a household name because if you don’t know generally to create a book you need to go to a publisher and then they will do like a book advance and stuff like that and it is a very very long process and generally they’re not going to talk to even unless you’re a very very like well we’re known well-renowned names so these days it’s totally possible there are lots of sites where you can just self publish your own book you can even do it through amazon.com which is fantastic and another thing that 

I would probably recommend if you do have a good idea for a book is to create an audiobook as well our audiobooks are fantastic and in fact I listen to probably more audio books than I read books these days through things like audible and if you do you know get a microphone like this it’s just a blue getting nano microphone cost me around about a hundred dollars and get some really good quality audio and then you can tell your audiobook as well and again you could sell that on your Shopify website 

through you know your blog as well so you can actually create multiple different streams of income rather than just one book which is probably not the biggest trend these days whereas a lot of people love listening to the podcasts and audiobooks and stuff like that so that’s definitely one you could make some money with as well now another one of my favorite things and one of my favorite like kind of businesses is to start a YouTube channel 

obviously, this is something that’s quite close to me and close to my heart because I love YouTube I’ve been doing YouTube before I read about five or six years now, in fact, I actually have two channels I’ve got that photography channel that I was telling you about and I’ve also got this channel here which is more about business and the great thing about studying in YouTube channel is that you can really build a community so you know if you get even a community of a thousand subscribers or 2,000 subscribers that’s 2,000 people who might want to say buy your book on Amazon 

your audiobook or they might want to go and check out your blog and it’s a great way to really build a long kind of lasting community apologies about the lighting it’s a cloud come over but it really is a great way to really promote yourself and also build that really good kind of connection with people because you’re sitting there essentially talking to them for you know 10 minutes at a time 20 minutes at a time and it’s super easy to do that and another thing that I really like

I really want to go a little bit more in-depth on this later on in my on my channel is to create a digital product now a digital product could be anything it could be a course it could be downloadable it could be a digital tool like a preset or something like that and this is a really great way to make some kind of passive income because a digital product generally is something that you’ll create you know early on you might take your an hour or two hours to create but then once you’ve got it up on your website you can actually have it for a long time and people will just download it pay for it 

so they might pay you $20 $30 for a course they might even pay up to $500 for $1,000 if it’s a video course and with that, you can really make a good amount of money and the great thing is is that it’s pretty much all profit after a while because you you’ve put your time in maybe two hours like I said before but every time someone downloads it you just get a PayPal notification you get a stripe notification and that money goes straight into your account so that’s definitely a great way of doing it now if you’d like me to go into more detail about how to create digital product I’m interested in doing that 

I would actually like to do it as well but I really like the idea of doing online courses I think they’re a great way because a lot of people want to learn more these days especially in this kind of online era so there you go, guys, there were some business ideas that you can start with pretty much no money hopefully you’ll be able to find something that works for you and hopefully, you’ve got to get started now if you’d like me to make more videos on either of these topics or any of these topics that 

I talked about please let me know and I can make more videos and try and help you out as best as I can possible that’s it today guys hope you have a fantastic day good luck with your businesses and I’ll see you next time bye. 


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