Home Uncategorized A Case Study for Entrepreneurs on Amzon.com part 2

A Case Study for Entrepreneurs on Amzon.com part 2

A Case Study for Entrepreneurs on Amzon.com part 2
A Case Study for Entrepreneurs on Amzon.com part 2

A Case Study on amazon

we know we’re in the mall to go we drive over here to this side the Macy’s or Dillards or Sears we know where all that is but online it’s all about the search that’s where you start your product right here I’m going to show you something really interesting okay there’s a ten-year chart 

I’m about to show you a three-year chart this chart here is the percentage right of our choice of where to start a search for something we buy online in 2014 we chose a search engine 55% of the time to go search for something 38% of the time we went to amazon.com and we searched right there in the bar once we get to the home page of Amazon over three years search engine has gone to 26% meaning today.

a hundred people decided they’re going to go buy something online only 26% of them go to the Google box or any other search engine box and of course Google’s dominant to start their search for a product find me this find me that whereas Amazon it’s risen to 52% so now when people go to buy something online 52% of them go to amazon.com and search right there on Amazon only 26% go to the search engine.

Deep analyzing 

so not only does Amazon have a huge treasure of all of our purchase histories we’re started with books and goes on to other things now we know what we’re searching for because most people when you come here you’re either cookie or you logged in so they know what you’ve been searching for they know what you bought and there’s this huge huge mountain of information

 I saw an article it was back in 2004 2005 and they said that the largest Linux database in the world had been built at Amazon and it was purchased data my friends that was 2004 2005 I mean go look that uphold me, honest gang, because I’m pretty sure I’m right about that but that was the largest Linux database 

all this information of everything that’s been purchase search is everything knowing what you want when you want how to put things next to you absolutely tremendous and now we’re starting there first you think that and you think it’s bad to let me get out of the way and show you one more thing 18 to 29-year-old people 62% go to the Amazon box 21% go to search engines 32 44 56% goes to Amazon box 26%.

you know I may have a new word and the word is Oba you know I happen to think that this war for online retail when you’re going to find something is close to ova because when you’ve got this much data and an amazing search engine when you go take a look at Amazon they had a project it was called a nine and a nine was only about building. The next part will be coming soon.

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