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10 Online Business Ideas I’d Start If I Wasn’t So Damn Busy! Part-5


10 Online Business Ideas I’d Start If I Wasn’t So Damn Busy! Part-5

10 Online Business Ideas I’d Start If I Wasn’t So Damn Busy! Part-5

I actually think this has already been done by many people but I think you could position it in certain ways to do super well with it so anyways that’s one thing another one is planners So this is something I want to do for a while

I just haven’t had a chance to really dive into it but creating certain planners for how to manage your time how to manage your day how to manage your life and your goals and everything there’s already a bunch that are out there but I know for myself I have my own strategies and my own kind of my own formula and stuff of how I do things that I think would be very unique and do really well with that so certainly certain types of planners 

I think can be really effective and if you position it the right way I think planners are great too because people buy them as gifts for people and then also you know it becomes a part of someone’s life so when someone’s using a plan or you know they’re using that every single day and that’s powerful marketing is when your product plays a daily role in someone else’s life and you know once you know the run out of pages are gonna keep buying more and more from you so you can really expand the value of a lifetime customer you can also create an app to go along with it as well and also there’s opportunity for an information component on the back end 

where they also provide training and more information that can further help them with time management productivity optimization or whatever it might be so that’d be something I’d probably first sell on Amazon and then sell on Shopify and on the website and just kind of build a brand from it but the reason why I like this product as well as even like the nootropics things like that is because there’s a big leverage component 

which I love in business so a huge mistake that often a lot of people make is they just try to market and build their product themself but they don’t use leverage and if you’ve got a product like that like a certain supplement or a planner great opportunity is to find and network with other people out there that are influencers that have big names they have a big following and give them your product for free build a relationship with them so that essentially 

they can promote the product to their audience for you and you could even get people that can sponsor your product and be ambassadors for your products and so that’s always one of the best ways to market is now you’re leveraging someone else’s influence their credibility and their following in their audience to help you be able to sell your product so that’s one of my favorite ways of marketing 

I think one of the best ways out there is when you can leverage that I mean even potential with binge-eating because if you can you know so so many for example Fitness competitors and Fitness people they struggle with binge eating that they have a huge audience that also had been through eating disorders as well that you can leverage and have them be ambassadors for your product or program to help promote it so there’s a lot of opportunities in ways you think about how you market your ideas that can make it very effective so another great idea that 

I have that I’d love to pursue this will probably be in the next few years is with Tatianna and I we actually want to create a relationship program a relationship training program to share a lot of the rituals a lot of different practices and principles that we live by to make our relationship great and I realized you know I’ve spent a lot of time in the relationship market because I used to be involved in it and also now it with Tantra as well and I’m actually surprised how much it’s kind of lacking in that marketplace on how to really have an amazing extraordinary relationship but also integrating Tantra into your relationship as well there are books. next blog will coming soon thankyou soo much.

10 Online Business Ideas I’d Start If I Wasn’t So Damn Busy! Part-4


10 Online Business Ideas I’d Start If I Wasn’t So Damn Busy! Part-4

10 Online Business Ideas I’d Start If I Wasn’t So Damn Busy! Part-4

so I’ve written some my own books in the past but I don’t really focus on selling them much anymore but what I’ve done in the past as many of you guys know through my publishing course is I teach people you don’t have to be the author you can just be a publishing company you can hire writers and authors and you can buy their work from them and then you market you publish it and you earn the royalties from that well for me 

I always want to do my own books some more of my own different ones but there’s a lot of different ideas that I have for different books that I want to write myself but of course you know sitting down to write a book and you know for me at least I want to spend more time on it but also for me if I do it a book my strategy is that I’m actually going to not go the self-publishing route I’ll probably go the traditional publisher row because I’m in a different position now where 

I’ve got a big audience and following that I can go to a publishing company and I can get in an advance for it and I can work with them and they can give me much greater distribution beyond just my own audience so I you know want to go to the top publishing companies out there if you can show them how big my audience is and it also provides different ideas that I have for different books that 

I’d like to create then they can give me a great advance of a six-figure or even a seven-figure advance in some cases and then with that I can actually get to the New York Times bestseller list so for me it’s something that I want to do but to get to that New York Times bestseller list it’s gonna take a lot of work to make sure first and foremost the book is amazing but also making sure you’ve got a great marketing plan and strategy around it because to really get yourself to that list you have to get on all the podcast and all the media interviews all that sort of stuff so it’s really like a year in some cases of really going deep marketing promoting it 

I’ve got a few friends that are best-selling authors and in new york times so that’s something that I will be probably pursuing the next few years but I just always have great ideas like that of different books and if I wasn’t in the situation that I mean now I would just self publish but for me again 

 I’m not I’d be using the book just to kind of catapult myself to the next level and yeah so I think publishing books is always great especially if you if you know if it fits within a great niche or market it has a high demand and you know whatever niche or your business might be in there’s a lot of opportunity to you can publish books on Amazon and what a book does too is it gives you another level of credibility and authority so regardless of how much money you make from the book 

I mean you can make some good money from books but it’s more so the authority the relationship that you build with people the credibility cuz just you having a book is a big deal in whatever market that you’re in so so having a book is a powerful marketing tool that can lead to you building your list building your brand of course making money on the front end too but also on the back end if you really know how to use one okay so another one that I have is I like for myself

I’ve always had a passion for biohacking optimization health and fitness and I like the nootropic market of supplements nootropics are certain supplements that have certain cognitive benefits performance benefits whether it was your memory whether it’s with just like your energy level your focus and I think there’s a lot of opportunities there and it’s something that 

I’d probably pursue and try to sell on Amazon first and then basically build my own brand around – but it’s all about how you position it so positioning it I probably position it to online entrepreneurs obviously there are people that spend a lot of time typing and from the computer whether it’s like engineers or programmers and people like that I think that’s a big market to create a nootropic or performance-based supplements that can help them.

10 Online Business Ideas I’d Start If I Wasn’t So Damn Busy! Part-3


10 Online Business Ideas I’d Start If I Wasn’t So Damn Busy! Part-2

10 Online Business Ideas I’d Start If I Wasn’t So Damn Busy! Part-3

what this person is providing so that’s always a great method or a great strategy and you could do that for different niches out there so an example could be well the one one of the ideas that I have for a niche for me is binge eating so let’s say someone had a binge eating problem and you create this little binge eating course on how to overcome it right and you had this little seven-day overcome binge eating and you know you had some different strategies every day you had a little blog or article or something

 that’s valuable for them that just gives them some valuable tips and over seven days they see some great progress from that but within those seven days you might promote or offer a few different resources that can help them as well that you’re an affiliate for that if they end up buying through you you’ll get a commission from them so that’s essentially what the strategy is that I’m gonna be teaching more 

but I’m actually doing it more myself first before I teach it because whenever I teach something I like to make sure that I’ve got you to know the formula down I’m getting great results with it and then give great examples to help people with that as well and by the way I even have eye on the domain names 30-day 30-day morning ritual challenge calm as well because that idea that I have for that is hey you know what I’ve been doing my 30-day morning ritual challenge you know my social media have done it you know in the past years and whatnot and I’ve got my course called morning ritual mastery and a lot of great written you know resources 

I’ve got some top YouTube videos on morning rituals as well so I to want to turn that website it’s kind of a similar thing like a 30-day kind of challenge thing or people gonna be involved in a post on social media they use certain hashtags and and you know basically it’s kind of like a 30-day kind of process but it’s a great way if I have my own product which I do I can promote through that or you can do it be an affiliate and promote other people’s stuff to you so it’s kind of ideas like that

 I really liked because you’re really providing value to people and you’re creating an experience for them and they’re actually providing and promoting things to them that will legitimate eave the results or the goal that they’re after much faster okay I’ll just dive into that next one so the binge eating program so many of you guys know my history 

I used to have a binge eating disorder I did two different fitness competitions in 2012 and 2014 and I ended up developing a binging disorder and for me doesn’t one of those hard most painful things that I ever went through in my life and I remember god I scoured the internet for solutions 

I bought books at the bookstore I you know looked at every different product or resource or YouTube video everything that was possibly out there to overcome my binging disorder and what actually found is that there wasn’t a lot of good stuff like it’s such a great market because if you’ve got a great store you’ve been through it you’ve over a comment there’s a lot of people out there that need help and

 I did a YouTube video when I overcame it’s my um that I did on my youtube channel that it really popular I think it’s almost got a million views on how to overcome binge eating disorder and that video did so well and I get people that reach out to me all the time from that and so I really realized why there’s a big market where there’s a lot of stuff that 

I learned that I could help so many people with just from my experience my story with it but all the different resources and the things that I’ve learned myself that can help people so I would love to create one day this has been on my list for a few years 

I know if I ever will though but it’s such a big market and there’s not enough people in it that are like really providing like a business and books and resources and training and all this sort of stuff that I think it’s a great opportunity for someone to get into you and you know you could do well on YouTube 

you know interviewing different people and binge eating and creating a lot of great content on that and create a video training program and all these different things I think you could do really a lot with that I think you could do a lot with affiliate marketing there’s probably certain supplements that you could either create yourself or sell or physical products that can help people as well 

I think like for example there’s one product and be great to be an affiliate for or to private label and do yourself is um like a lot of people that binge you have those cravings and in these desires and then you buy into it so you’ll like go to the store and then you’ll end up buying ice cream or whatever then coming back and eating it but there’s actually a product that’s kind of like a jar or like a little safe you can set a timer for it so when you have that willpower you put like your key isn’t it you put your wallet your credit cards all that your phone all that stuff in it and so that way

I have those you know temptations and cravings you know you’ve got nothing in your house anyways but you can’t you know take your keys or go to the store or take your wallet and stuff so you have to learn how to kind of cope with it so anyways I’ve got a lot of ideas for that one but uh I think that’d be a great one too anyways publishing a book I’ve published a lot of different books a lot of the books that I published though I more than the publisher rather than the author of them.

10 Online Business Ideas I’d Start If I Wasn’t So Damn Busy! Part-2


10 Online Business Ideas I’d Start If I Wasn’t So Damn Busy! Part-2

10 Online Business Ideas I’d Start If I Wasn’t So Damn Busy! Part-2

hey, what’s up guys jack here from businessideablog.site So today we start from where yesterday we finished the last paragraph I can market this in a different way I can brand it I can create a different customer experience and so the idea is that I have it’s not that you know they’re so special that no one else out there is doing them you know 

I’m sure there are other people out there that are doing you know many of these different ideas that I have I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel here it’s the ability to execute your ability to market it build a brand around and build a business around it and there’s a lot of markets and opportunities out there that there’s more than enough room for many different products or different positioning of different products that are available there so guys if you have this fear about your little idea that you might have or your product idea on Amazon whatever it is guys we’ve got to have more confidence in you because when you’re confident in you because it doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing like for me

 I believe that I can pursue any business out there and be successful at it because I’m betting on myself and I’m gonna bet on myself every single day of the week and that’s a confidence that you have to build and cultivate with yourself ok guys so let me dive into some of these different ideas so one idea that I think is always great and I’d love to do it more and I might pursue this more maybe in the next year or two there’s a really great opportunity to make money

 if you have some marketing skills and you can actually buy businesses or buy different websites that are available so there are certain websites and marketplaces out there where you can buy domain names like GoDaddy auctions or you can buy you know websites on flippa.com FL IP PA dot-com and there’s different kind of platforms like that where a lot of people out there they have web sites they have social media accounts 

they have you know already a business out there and they’re looking to sell it and often if you have certain marketing skills you can buy that business relatively cheap and before you buy it you already know all these different ways that you can build it up and make money from it or get a greater return on it or maybe build it up or flip it so I think that’s a great opportunity I’d like to pursue that a lot more a little bit above that in the past but 

I just think that’s always a great way to make money for them because there’s a lot of people out there they have a blog or them have you know their little website whatever it is and they’re getting traffic they’re getting traffic they might have a little bit of an email list they have some branding or that though even the website is ranked well it’s got a high page rank in the search engines its ranking well you know for certain key it’s got some domain Authority and all the sort of stuff that if you just kind of have some basic skills you can go in there you can buy it cheaply because a lot of these people that are selling them they’re not really like 

I know so many bloggers out there they’re selling their websites but they have no idea how to market it they have no idea how to really monetize it and so if you know affiliate marketing if you know how to monetize things if you know how to you know different tweaks or different things that you can do then that’s an amazing opportunity that you can buy something cheap build it up or even just sometimes you just make a few tweaks for it and then boom all of a sudden you turn it more profitable and you can make a great passive income from that so

10 Online Business Ideas I’d Start If I Wasn’t So Damn Busy! Part-2

 I always think that’s a great opportunity great idea to make money from another one that I have and this is actually something I’m pursuing right now and do more of is I’ve kind of created a bit of a method that for affiliate marketing that I think is a great way to make money with affiliate marketing I’m right now creating a training and me also kind of like a done-for-you service inside my marketing mastery course but it’s basically creating a mini-course okay so creating a mini-course you first got to identify the niche and the products within that niche that

 you want to promote or sell but you’re creating a free mini-course in that free mini-course could be a seven day course it could be a three day course it could be a 14 day course it could be whatever you know you want it to be but it essentially be this course where you’re giving away value people have to put in their name and email you’re giving a free course of course refer you to people and that course is providing tremendous amount of value but within that course

 it’s promoting as an affiliate different products or tools or resources that are basically kind of essential or a necessity to go along with that course and because whenever you provide something that’s incredibly valuable like that for free and people benefit from it and they’re like wow oh my god thank you so much this is amazing and they have those little lightbulbs go off in their head then all of a sudden they they’re gonna be more open to saying you know what this guy’s great he recommended this or he recommended that I’m gonna check that out because I think it’s gonna help me implement better. this was not the end of this article next part will be coming soon thank you.

10 Online Business Ideas I’d Start If I Wasn’t So Damn Busy!


10 Online Business Ideas

hey what’s up guys Stefan here from project life mastery command today I’m gonna share a few guys ten different online business ideas that I would personally pursue myself if I wasn’t so damn busy as you guys could probably imagine I’ve got a lot going on I’ve got a lot of distances and projects and I can’t do it all so oftentimes what 

I do is whenever I have ideas for things I write it down I capture it and so here on my phone I like to use Evernote and I use on my computer as well so that I’ve got a little notebook here that as I think about ideas I can put them in here and build up a vault and then when I’m planning out my goals for the next year whatever might be five years from now ten years from now I can always tap into all these different ideas that I have of different opportunities that I could pursue to make money or build businesses or whatever it might be so

 I highly recommend as you guys go about your life and you guys think of ideas write them down because how many times do you think of something that you forget about so you should always be creating new ideas tapping into that creative mind and be an idea-generating machine and write them down so that eventually maybe one day you could pursue them now I know for myself there’s no humanly possible way that I could do at all and it’d be foolish to think that I can or even attempt to I see a lot of people out there they have all these ideas and they’re trying to do all these different things at once but really what you’re doing is you’re diluting your focus you know 

I’d much rather implement one great idea really well masterfully and go deep with it and do an amazing job and be the best one out there then trying to pursue ten different ideas half-ass and kind of dabbling with them and do a mediocre job that’s a horrible way to do things instead it’s great to have one or two maybe three ideas and really implement that – the best way the best humanly possible way that you can and as we have more time or resources whatever it is you can be more strategic you can leverage more and you can actually implement a lot more as well now these ideas that 

I’ve got here I’ve actually got more than ten that I’ll share with you guys some ideas that I’d like to pursue one day these are things that are all aligned with my personal interests I don’t pursue things just for money you know of course any business has to be profitable there has to be potential for that but for me it’s more than just money for me it’s doing something 

I’m gonna enjoy something that I have an interest or passion for something that I feel that it’s gonna make a contribution to the world and make a difference and serve the world in some way for me if you focus on that the money follows now there are of course different ideas that might have more potential to make more money from and the ideas that I have here one thing you guys might notice is I don’t have any fear 

I don’t have scarcity like a lot of people do and hopefully I can demonstrate that with you guys you know so many people out there they have their little ideas and they’re so afraid to share it they want you to know it’s almost like they’re afraid that someone else is going to take that idea and create more competition for them or something like that guy I don’t care about that at all I have no fear about that I just have an abundance of it but also 

I think a lot of people that have those fears it’s because they lack confidence like all they have different ideas I’m going to share with you guys here if any of you guys want to take it and run with it go for it but I’m not scared or intimidated by that because honestly, I have confidence in myself that 

I can do a much better job I believe that I can offer my unique gifts and skills and I can market it a certain way because ideas by itself guy guys have little value you know everybody has different ideas but the real value of that is being able to execute that implement that put that into action something that very few people are actually willing to do and you know it’s more than just the idea but it’s how you market it how you sell it 

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you know Apple you know Apple wasn’t the first company to think of the idea of an mp3 player you know there was already mp3 players out there on the market and there are actually better ones that when the iPod came along there were better mp3 players out there than the iPod but what Steve Jobs did he wasn’t afraid or intimidated he said you know what it’s a great idea but I can do a better job thank you for reading next part will be coming soon.

5 business ideas you can start with no money

5 business ideas you can start with no money

5 business ideas you can start with no money

what’s up everybody, one of the biggest entrepreneurship myths that you’ll hear is that you need a lot of money to start a business sorry but uh that’s not true what you’re talking about just please you can’t name three business ideas that you can’t start with a lot of money well you’re in luck because today I’m gonna go over five business ideas that you can start with zero dollars if you have the right mindset and the hustle now none of the things that

I’m gonna talk about are easy or get rich quick type of things but they can work if you put in the work and like with anything else there are risks associated with starting the business so you should speak to an attorney in your area so you understand all the local laws and regulations that govern your business idea.

first sell things that you buy for free wait wait wait wait what remember we’re talking about starting from nothing right so find things of value that people are trying to get rid of and take them for free and then sell them now this might sound really difficult but it’s actually a lot easier than you might think because a lot of people don’t want to go through the hassle of reselling their stuff so they’ll take their used TVs or furniture which are pretty valuable still and they’ll put it on the curb for the garbage man or woman to take away and if you want to find a goldmine you can go to a college campus at the end of the year and you will see tons of people that are moving out of the dorms and their apartments and they’ll be throwing away their expensive lamps and furniture and dressers and you can take these things and sell them to incoming college kids

now you might be wondering wait is that even legal well you should always check the local ordinances to see what the local laws and regulations are in your area but in general, when somebody takes something and they put it on the curb to be thrown away it’s considered abandoned property and anybody can take it.

5 business ideas you can start with no money

once you start to make a little bit of money doing this then you could take your profits and you can go to garage sales and you can buy things for cheap and then sell them online for even bigger profits second start event planning so I have a lot of experience with this because event planning was my first real business and what you can do is you can go to local restaurants or other venues in your area and ask them if you can host a show or event or a party there then your job is to convince the owner or the manager of this venue that they should not charge you because they’re gonna make a whole bunch of money inside by selling food or drinks or whatever and you’re gonna make it money by charging cover or an entrance fee for everybody that comes inside if you can get a hundred people to come and you charge them ten dollars a person you just made a thousand dollars in one night.

this is where it is super important to learn how to sell and how to talk and then if you need to bring a deejay to find somebody who’ll be willing to work for a percentage of the cover charge that you make this way they’ll be incentivized to bring more paying customers because the more you make the more they make.

third start a t-shirt selling business you’ve probably seen that every single organization or club or group or team or whatever gives t-shirts to their members so people can walk around saying hey I’m a part of this really cool organization see it on my shirt well I noticed that too when I was in college and I also noticed that a lot of these organizations were buying these t-shirts from retailers who charged a lot of money 

so then what I did was we’re not to Google and I found some online t-shirt manufacturers who could print the same t-shirts and a lower price and then I went to her school’s directory and I found every single student organization on campus and I emailed every single one of them and I said hey I’m a student on campus with you and I just started this t-shirt business and I would love to work with you I can make it the exact same t-shirt that you want for a lower price in two weeks or less then these organizations would send me their designs.

I would take that design and I would go online and input it there and it would say something like it’s gonna cost you four dollars and 25 cents a shirt if you bought 150 shirts and then I would go to the organization and I would say hey I can get you the shirt made for five dollars and fifty cents this way I would make like a dollar and a quarter per shirt and this was cheaper than what the other retailers were charging this way it was a win-win they would save money I would make money and they got exactly what they wanted fourth to be a marketer I used to be up with magic tricks.

I still like them now but when I was younger there was this really cool kiosk in the mall that sold magic trick stuff what colors do you see here look carefully do you see purple and yellow if so watch carefully whoa I like some of the tricks that this kiosk was selling so I bought some of them and then I went back later and I bought some more and then I was like I don’t want to keep paying for more and more magic supplies so then I started talking to the owner.

I realized they don’t have any sort of internet presence or a website or any social media presence long story short I helped them get online and in return they gave me free magic stuff go to your mall or local City Fair and start talking to small business owners that are selling their products in person but don’t have any sort of online presence and then help them sell their products on the Internet in exchange for a monthly consulting fee what will probably end up happening is 99.9% of these businesses won’t understand.

why they need you so they tell you to go away because they’re doing just fine right this is why you need to be creative the first thing you got to do is start talking to these business owners and get to know them if we’re just walking around handing out business cards left and right your cards are just gonna end up in the garbage so start talking to these business owners

see what they need to see what they do and then tell them that you had this marketing business and because you loved their business and their products so much you want to help them out by giving them a one month free trial of your business.

then see where it goes if you do a good job during the one month free trial then a percentage of people that you’re working with will want to pay you to continue working with you and if you’re looking for tips on how you can grow and build your presence online whether it’s for your business or for somebody else’s.

number five do services there are five services that you can do for people in your neighborhood that won’t cost you a dollar to start you can pull the weeds rake the leaves shovel the snow tutor their kids and walk their dogs walk around your neighborhood and start knocking on people’s doors and let them know that you’re starting this business and that you live on

5 business ideas you can start with no money

 business ideas 

 the same street as them this will build credibility and as soon as you start getting some clients to ask them to be your testimonials to help you get more clients yes it is very hard yes it will take time yes you will get rejected by a lot of people and no you will not make a ton of money starting tomorrow but you have to decide if that’s the reason why you’re gonna give up or if that’s the reason why you’re gonna become tougher and be a better entrepreneur and go out and make it happen thank you for reading

if you enjoyed our blog hit that thumbs up button and shares it with one friend so as always keep hustling 

15 most profitable business ideas


15 most profitable business ideas

15 most profitable business ideas

if you are considering starting your own business then there’s probably a lot of questions on your mind you’re thinking about how big the market is and how much profit different businesses could earn and how big your expenses might be how much startup capital you would need one of the most important things you are thinking about though is one of those questions that

 I just mentioned how much profit could your business earn specifically well your profit margins be because different types of businesses earn different profit margins some businesses bring in a lot of revenue every single year but their profit margins are really small which makes them a more risky type of business to run and it means that the business won’t be earning much actual income much profit until the business becomes a very very large

15 most profitable business ideas

whereas on the other hand, there are some other types of businesses that have pretty high-profit margins so you can make a good living running them even before your business becomes very large so in today’s  I’m going to be sharing with you a study that was done by the company called aviary Joe back in 2016.

 so a couple years ago they analyzed a lot of different sectors of business to figure out what the profit margins of those different sectors were to help you figure out which type of business you might want to start because some of them are a lot more profitable than others now just in case you don’t know exactly

 what I’m talking about let me just give you a quick example if a business brought in 1 million dollars and their profit margin was 10 percent that would mean that after paying all their expenses paying their employees paying their taxes they would have about 100 thousand dollars left over this is money that can then be reinvested back into the company to grow it even bigger or the owner can take it as a draw as basically part of their take-home pay so in this study that abri Joe did they found 15 different industries that had the highest profit margin 

I’m going to share each of them with you however I also wanted to mention that something that’s very interesting about this is that there are two or three different industries that aren’t on this list that I happen to know to make high-profit margins so after we get through this list 

I’m going to share those with you also because like I said before if a company has a much higher profit margin that means that it’s less risky and that you can support yourself with it and earn more profit before your company gets to be a humungous corporation so with that being said let’s get on into this list of these 15 different companies that are earning the highest profits starting at the bottom of the list the industry that earns 

the 15th highest profit margin is another school and instruction so this is any sort of educational company that isn’t your standard school or college or trade school is this a type of company that you could start well the answer is actually probably yes because we’re not talking about an accredited university here, in fact, this 15 the most profitable industry is specifically excluding that type of educational establishment we’re talking here about online training companies or companies that offer training to employees at businesses that means that with a bit of hard work anyone could start this type of company number 

14 is medical and diagnostic laboratories an example of this would be a laboratory that analyzed medical samples now at first thought you might think you definitely cannot start a business like this and I’ll admit that this would be a more difficult type of business to start mostly because there are a lot of government requirements that she would have to follow however don’t think that you can’t because you’re not a doctor many businesses in the medical field as you’ll see as we go down this list are actually owned at least in part by entrepreneurs oftentimes entrepreneurs with business know-how partner up with medical professionals

 who don’t have the capital or the expertise to actually start a business so even if you’re not a doctor today don’t completely cross this option off your list the 13th most profitable industry is non metallic mineral mining coming in with an average profit margin of 11.2% now this is an industry that would require quite a lot of money start and that might prevent you from being able to start such a company however there is still opportunity out there

 you might be able to partner up with someone if you have business expertise or you have expertise in non mineral mining or you happen to have capital the twelfth most profitable industry is offices of physicians so this is basically doctors offices and they earn an average profit margin of 11.5% so going back to our earlier example for every million dollars that a doctor’s office takes in there earning an average of about one hundred and ten thousand five hundred dollars and of course

 that is an average all of these numbers are some doctors offices earn much higher profit than that and others earn much lower now as you mentioned before when we were talking about laboratories just because you’re not a doctor doesn’t mean that this is something you can’t even consider oftentimes entrepreneurs with business expertise or with startup capital partner with medical professionals to help them 

get their businesses off the ground and in fact in these situations typically the entrepreneur is the one keeping the bulk of the profits the eleventh most profitable industry on our list is warehousing and storage coming in with an average profit margin of 11.6 percent so this is a very similar profit margin to several of the other businesses that we’ve just looked at and this might be a good fit for you if you know of an opportunity to purchase some land perhaps 

you can get a bank loan to purchase some land and build a warehouse facility and take advantage of this opportunity the 10 the most profitable industry earns an average profit rate of twelve point three percent and these are companies that do activities related to real estate and this refers to things such as escrow companies or companies that are providing listing services for real estate listings this is not talking about property managers it’s not talking about Realtors or real estate agencies.

 we’ll talk about a few of those other industries in a little bit here because some of them are higher up on our list however title and escrow companies are examples of companies that are doing real estate activities the ninth most profitable industry in automotive equipment rental and leasing companies like this rent out cars they rent out trucks they might even rent out some other equipment and of the equipment that can go along with these vehicles and these companies have an average profit margin of 12.5% the eighth most profitable industry on our list has an average profit margin of twelve point eight percent and that is specialized design services well 

I wasn’t sure exactly what this one meant and so I had to look it up because I was wondering if maybe it meant architecture design or engineering but no it actually specifically excludes things like that and instead is referring to things like graphic and interior design the seventh most profitable industry is offices of dentists and they earn an average profit rate of fourteen point one percent just as 

we’ve discussed before even if you aren’t a dentist yourself you still might be able to partner with the dentist and help them get their practice off the ground at number 6 is offices of other health professionals this is referring to other types of doctors offices that are a bit more specialized they might be massage therapists they might be physical therapists ophthalmologists or ents the fifth most profitable industry is real estate agencies earning an average profit rate of fourteen point eight percent real estate agencies don’t require an enormous amount of capital to start and become a realtor yourself is not an extremely lengthy process once you are a realtor there are steps that 

you can follow to become the owner of a real estate agency at number four we find out patient care centers these are medical care centers that don’t require overnight stays and they earn an average of fifteen point nine percent profit the third most profitable industry is lessers of real estate otherwise known as landlords or people who lease or rent out real estate so these people have invested into real estate and now they are leasing or renting it out to others and 

I love that this is number three on the list most profitable industry because there is such a low barrier to injury here yes you do need to acquire a bit of capital however you can get started with as little as about ten thousand dollars because of the availability of bank loans for real estate and by the way to anyone who thinks no you need more that’s actually how 

I got started with real estate investing myself with ten thousand dollars that I’ve saved from my job the second most profitable industry is legal services that would be our lovely attorneys and they earn an average profit margin of seventeen point four percent and coming in at number one as the most profitable industry is quite fittingly accountants tax preparers and bookkeepers these financial professionals are in an average of 18 points 3 percent in

 profit and because there are several different types of financial professionals in this industry there are also different levels of difficulty to get into this industry you can become a bookkeeper relatively easily but become something a bit more technical like a certified public accountant or certified financial planner will require a bit more schooling ok well that brings us to the end of this list of the 15 most profitable industries that you could possibly start a business in these days however 

I leavened at the beginning of this  there are a couple industries that were left off this list and I find that very interesting now these are industries that have arisen in very recent years and they’re also industries that are on a much smaller scale 

so I think that a lot of people who are doing studies and even the government has a bit of trouble tracking how much money these businesses are earning and how large or small their profit margins are however I work in one of these industries and I work with a lot of other people who work in these industries 

so I have some insider knowledge on how much money people are bringing in and how much they are actually keeping so let’s talk about these three different industries the first one I want to talk about is freelancing now I understand why this one wasn’t on the list because freelancing income is actually many different industries and at least one type of freelancing was mentioned on this list in the industry at label as specialized design services also some bookkeepers are freelancers however there are many other freelance career options and many of them have very high-profit rates 

the thing about freelancing is that your business type is going to be quite small maybe you’re bringing in $20,000 a year fifty thousand a hundred thousand or a couple hundred thousand but the great news is that you get to keep most of that as profit in fact after paying for your taxes and your expenses you might be keeping anywhere between 25 and 75 percent of your earnings as profit and that’s because typically with freelancing your expenses will be fairly low and 

you won’t have any employees or payroll expenses another industry left off this list and perhaps the most difficult to measure is personal brands and one reason why these would be so difficult to measure is because I don’t think it’s even classified as an industry yet however we find all of these people online who are professional or YouTubers or instagramers and they have a personal brand and they’re making money perhaps from advertising they’re making money from sponsorships and from different types of partnerships people in this industry range from micro-influencers with just a few thousand followers who are bringing in perhaps a few hundred dollars a month all the way up to the likes of Kylie Jenner 

who recently became the world’s youngest self-made billionaire and just to illustrate how amazing the profit margins can be in this industry Kylie’s cosmetic company actually has only a very very small handful of less than a half a dozen employees and they’re able to have such a small team because they outsource a lot of their production it also means that they outsource their production costs and so most of the money that the business itself brings in is pure profit and the final industry that 

I want to share with you that wasn’t on this list is digital content businesses now these businesses are in some ways a lot like personal brands however they go a step further they’re not necessarily just one person and the brand isn’t necessarily based around the things of one person it can be a bigger company with a bigger mission than that but the other thing that sets these companies apart is that 

they’re not selling a physical good but they’re also not just doing partnerships and collaborations rather they’re selling digital content they might be selling online  courses or ebooks or even a web series these businesses are extremely profitable because they can be run with very small teams and the production costs for these digital content products are extremely minimal this means that these digital content businesses typically have profit margins well over 50% in this  

I shared with you a lot of different business opportunities and some of them were a lot more accessible than others personally I run an online business and I love the flexibility that it provides me because not only can I run my business from anywhere in the world but I also can run it on my own schedule if you’re interested in starting your own online business then 

I have a free resource that can help you out it’s a short diet called the 8 ways to make money online there’s basically eight main ways to make money online including everything from affiliate marketing to selling courses to starting a membership site to selling physical products and in that guy I break it all down I share which ones are more profitable which ones are easier to run and also the one that I most recommend myself if you’re interested in grabbing that guy it’s completely free and there’s a link in the description box down below where you can grab it for yourself thank you guys so much for reading this  

I hope you found it really helpful and really interesting to hear these different numbers on the profit rates the different companies and different industries earn and let me know if you want to see more videos like this in the future hit that like button if you enjoyed it and if you want to see more blogs like this and be sure to subscribe to my blog 

I make new blog every single week and I’d love to have you join me for the next one alright well that’s it guys thanks so much hope you’re having an amazing week and I’ll see you next time oh and by the way it looks like I’m sitting a little closer to my camera than normal but it’s actually because I got a new lens and I’m sitting a lot further away from my cameras in normal and I’m hoping that you guys can hear me because I mean really look at how far away, thank you soo much for reading .

15 most profitable business ideas

10 Profitable Business Idea


10 Profitable Business Idea

10 Profitable Business Idea

hey so in this blog we’re gonna be taking a look at 10 different profitable businesses for 2019 now when creating this blog we kept in mind that many people want to start a business with a relatively small amount of money so we’re talking a thousand dollars or less to get started some of these don’t require any money upfront to start

 your own business now there’s also going to be something here that are more so online businesses that you could do from home while others might be more physical types of businesses that you might be able to be a little bit out and about for it but if you’re new to the channel make sure you subscribe and drop a like on this blog and let’s get started so the first one that we’re gonna mention here is something that I use quite often as a service and that is by doing your own tours through something like Airbnb experiences 

now we’re not talking about hosting in your home with Airbnb we’re talking about creating tours on this website so if you live in a city you can do something like this where you’re not only giving maybe walking tours or historical tours or bike tours or boat tours or so many options here but there are even someones you can get pretty creative with for example bar crawls pub crawls you can get paid to essentially take people out and drink and there’s a big business in that so there are so many options behind this that

 I think you just want to look into it a little bit and everybody’s not sponsoring this blog but I just think it’s quite interesting and a great business opportunity especially if you’re great as a people person and you love talking and interacting with people this could be a wonderful option for you so the next one is my meal prepping and delivering food so this is not a new business this has been around for quite some time but a lot of wealthy people find themselves with not enough time or maybe

 they just don’t want to actually cook their own food but they don’t want to eat out every day they don’t want to have to get uber eats every day so they want somebody to kind of create these home-cooked meals for them so a lot of people for example Sam ovens does this will actually have a personal chef or somebody come in once or twice a week cook food in their home and then package it up put it in the fridge put it in their pantry so that they have food for the week and they know what meals are gonna have for the week and 

it’s home-cooked food and a lot of people like this and once you kind of build up his clientele it’s difficult to lose these clients as people who are looking for somebody to cook for you now if you are in the food industry this is definitely a bonus because you’re already probably pretty experienced in cooking and creating meals but there’s no real barrier to entry for this so long as you are a decent cook and you’re not a college kid who only knows how to make ramen noodles okay so the next one is by becoming a personal trainer now personal training is something 

that’s going to be around for a very long time that’s because people care very dearly about their health or at least they should and so a lot of people can’t motivate themselves to go to the gym and they don’t know what exercises to do and so especially if you find yourself as a physically fit person you like working out then you might want to explore this option because it can be a great side business or a full-time business a lot of people do it as a side business though because many people will do this before or after work so it’ll probably fit in with your schedule as well you don’t have to necessarily have your own gym in order to become a personal trainer it’s very smart to get certified as a personal trainer but like 

I said the overhead cost for it can be very low to get started in something like this and I think it’s something that really it’s it’s an experience that is very rewarding helping somebody go from maybe not very fit to maybe the most healthy they’ve ever been in their life it’s definitely a great experience and uplifting for most people so the next one is something that

 I was talking to Eric Hsu back in October and we were discussing some different business ideas and I asked him what he would advise people to start a business will be the number one business that he would advise and he said consulting and service-based businesses and there’s a reason for this and it’s because when you are doing something like consulting and we could think about graphic design or web development web design you could think about a lot of marketing services but

 you’re essentially providing services to people so you don’t have inventory you don’t have a lot of overhead costs and so your total money coming in is mostly profit it’s usually about ninety percent profit sometimes you don’t even have to have your own office if you are a consultant and you’re going into firms and companies where they don’t want to hire their own person in house so they just hire somebody as a consultant to come in for a day or two to provide their services so something that

 if you can find a skill to build in the consulting area it’s something you might want to think about and so the next one here is a little bit more physical and that is by starting your own moving service business now when I was 16 somebody paid me 230 dollars to help move all of their furniture and their refrigerators and their massive safe from one house to the next and $230 when I was 16 that was a lot of money and I was dumbfounded by this when they handed the money over but they said yeah you actually saved us over a thousand dollars because if we paid a moving service we would have paid so much money to move all of our stuff over from one house to the next and that’s when it really opened my eyes to realize there’s a lot of money in the moving service business 

 you don’t have to have your own trucks and box trucks to be able to do this you can just provide your labor if they essentially will maybe rent a u-haul you can provide your labor and start a bootstrap your own moving service and there is a decent amount of money in this obviously it’s very laborious and it’s not something you can do for a long period of time without kind of outsourcing some work and hiring some other people to do some heavy lifting after some time so there are some more on this list here and this next one is by starting your own Etsy store.

 now you could also think about maybe starting your own eBay store but Etsy is a little bit more artistic for people and a lot of people will sell vintage clothing on there they will create jewelry create different products that they can then sell and what’s great about this is that there’s really a search engine within Etsy so when people search certain products you don’t have to do the marketing behind it because it’s already in that database so it’s not like you’re creating your own product and then trying to start your own website and build that website up

 so you can get SEO and kind of get found on Google or trying to promote it on Instagram so directly through Etsy and it’s kind of already taken care of a good portion of that marketing and that’s what I like about something like that but even people will go to for example thrift shops and yard sales buy clothing to sell it as vintage clothing on Etsy and get a lot of money we’re talking $100 for some jackets that you can buy that people found for $1 at a yard sale so there could be a lot of money in that,

 I wanted to include it in this list because it’s something that people can do primarily from home or whenever they really have some spare time on their hands to make some extra cash number four is to sell a physical product now in some cases there could be a little bit of a cost behind this especially if you need patents for products but there’s obviously a lot of money in this Pat Flynn just launched an interesting essentially tripod kind of matches the gorilla but he launched it and he funded it through 

I believe Kickstarter which is a website not sponsoring this blog but a website that essentially allows you to crowdfund for your business for your product that you might be selling so back in the day if you wanted to launch a product you would have to find an investor somewhere and probably go to angel investors or large business owners and try to get them to invest into your company well today you can do something known as crowdfunding which essentially means that thousands or hundreds of people can pitch in money maybe 20 or 50 or $100 into your business for your physical product idea and then you can sell that and essentially raise capital that way so that you can start creating this product and building it building prototypes and selling it and so 

I think it’s just a quite interesting idea if you’re trying to create one look you want to find a way to fix a problem solve a problem or find a way to make something more efficient in our everyday life that’s really a move that people are going for is just find something and make it more efficient it sounds easy but it’s very difficult trust me so inventing something very difficult but could bring up a lot of money so the next one is starting your own event planning service now there’s really two rounds that you can go here you can go with something more so on the corporate side of things like for example you’re hosting corporate events you’re planning these different meetings and conferences or you can go the social personal rail where people are needing people to help plan for their weddings I know personally

 when I have a wedding I’m not gonna want to worry about the stress of trying to plan everything out and make sure that the logistics are all lined up I want somebody to do it for me and so there’s a lot of money in that industry about 500 billion dollars or spent every year on special events around the world so people are throwing a lot of money at this you can start your own event planning service

 it’s not easy it’s not something you just walk into especially weddings they’re a very special day so you don’t want to mess that up but build experience over time shadow somebody and then eventually start your own service so number two is to create your own clothing business now so many people try and fail at this and the reason for that is because a lot of times they don’t have a specific enough target market

 so you can’t go after everybody it’s hard to just launch a company like Nike or supreme or Gucci but in many case is look you want to think about the way that people feel when they wear that clothing so if you’re just creating a brand and throwing a name on a t-shirt and just trying to sell it with no meaning behind it and no specific target market it’s gonna be very difficult because people are just gonna look at and say oh but you want to create a sort of a feeling that they get what how does it represent them what type of person are they and that will kind of give you a better idea of how to target specific people for example when somebody throws on a Gucci jacket that they bought for $5,000 

do they buy it because they like the way that it looked probably most likely but there’s also a lot of people who buy it because they like the way that it feels when people are looking at them seeing you know that’s a $5,000 jacket everybody knows it and so it gives them this feeling that people really like in a way that they express themselves so this is something you want to really think about very deeply before you just go out and make some t-shirts and try to sell them without true meaning behind it so the final business here might not be of scalable million dollar business but

 I think it could be a great side income for people to make and that is by starting your own pet-sitting service now a lot of people when they go on vacation they don’t want to take their dog to the kennel they want to keep their dog at home but obviously you can’t leave it there for a week or their cats so somebody comes in and takes after them takes care of them and gets paid usually a couple hundred dollars for a week of just feeding their animals and hanging out them playing with them a little bit and making a decent amount of money 

you get a bunch of clients lined up and these clients will usually last for a very long time we’re talking in lifetime customers every time they go on vacation you look after their animals and make a couple hundred dollars and it could be a great side income to make at least ten or twenty thousand dollars per year by doing this so if you found any value in this blog make sure you drop a like share this with somebody who you think this could help and I’ll see everybody next time  thank you soo much for reading god bless you all.

Business skill part 4

Business skill part 4

Business skill part 

hi everyone I’m Robin and in this blog I’m gonna teach you verbs to describe downward movement okay now downward movement is scary when you’re talking about stock or profit or sales okay let’s take a look these are the verbs you want to use for downward movement the first one go down so if I say my profits in my company are going down that’s not good the next one decrease our profits are decreasing remember the opposite word increase going up decrease increase decrease sales are starting to slide this is a common 

one now slide means sales were okay but they’re starting to go down downward movement they’re starting to slide fall sales are falling my stock is falling our profits are falling not good to hear lose ground our sales are losing ground okay now this one’s a little difficult lose ground means a it’s not stable something wrong so if our sales are losing ground okay there’s a problem with the sales going down losing ground and weaken my stock is weakening remember your stock could be strengthening going up but in this case downward movement my stock is weakening going down alright let’s move on the next three verbs also describe a downward movement

these verbs are scarier because they describe a very quick and big drop alright something you don’t want to hear when talking about stock profit or sales okay here are the verbs again a very quick and big sudden drop the first one crash okay if you say our sales crashed that’s terrible because your sales write down very quick collapsed our profits collapsed this year there’s no money or profits collapsed went right down and the last one plummet very common to say plummet my stock plummeted okay that’s a very terrible thing 

if your stock plummeted because the value of your stock dropped right down all right so these ones we would use for a very big and sudden drop let’s take a look at some example sentences all right let’s look at the first example profits decreased by four percent this quarter and the next example profits will slide if we do not improve the quality profits will slide if we do not improve the quality and the next example my company stock has started to fall since the CEO 

died my company stock has started to fall since the CEO died and the next example we lost ground on profits since our rival came out with a new product we lost ground on profits since our rival came out with a new product and the next one our stock has weakened over the last few days our stock has weakened over the last few days and the next example our stock crashed after the CEO was arrested and the next one sales have collapsed because our product has too many defects sales have collapsed because our product has too many defects and the last one our profits will plummet

if we don’t introduce a new product soon our profits will plummet if we don’t introduce a new product soon okay we saw how we can use these verbs to describe downward movement now this blog focused on these verbs in a negative way we’re always talking about money and of course any time money is going down that’s bad that’s negative but these verbs can also be used in a positive way too for example if I said cancer rates are going down that’s a good thing or if I said crime is decreasing that’s a good thing too okay just make sure you know you can use them in a negative way or a positive way that’s it for this blog I’ll see you next time.

hello I’m Robin and in this blog I’m going to teach you about using movement adjectives these are adjectives that help us express upward movement and downward movement let’s take a look here are my nouns increase gain climb these are nouns to express upward movement decrease decline and drop these are nouns to express downward movement and here are our adjectives now all of these adjectives can work with all of these words okay you can use slightly with every word you can use slow with every word and all of these you can use with every word 

they all match let’s begin with slight now the meaning of slight is very little okay so if you have a slight increase very little increase slight again you could have a slight decrease very little going down very little slow of course slow means not fast slow you could have a slow gain or a slow decline very slow gain slow decline gradual okay gradual means slow over time so a gradual climb something is gradually climbing or a gradual decline something is going down gradually slowly steady you could have a steady increase steady very steady straight steady decrease steady wrap it rapid means very fast okay 

if you have something a rapid climb right up a rapid climb or a rat a rapid drop right down and the last one massive massive means big large so if you have a massive gain very big gain or am massive drop very big drop a massive decline very big decline okay so all of these adjectives can work with all of these nouns let’s take a look at some examples so let’s look at the first example my stock had a slight decrease in value this week my stock had a slight decrease in value this week and the next one there has been a slow increase in sales this year there has been a slow 

increase in sales this year and the next one sales will gradually decline as the technology gets old sales will gradually decline as a technology gets old and the next one we can see a steady climb in profits we can see a steady climb in profits and the next one our company is experiencing massive gains and the last one our profits will rapidly drop if we don’t lay off some employees our profits will rapidly drop if we don’t lay off some employees those were great examples of how to use movement adjectives in sentences now before 

I go I want to talk about something else I don’t want to confuse you let’s take a look all right so we learned this today a steady increase increase is the noun steady is the adjective a steady increase alright but now let’s look at this sentence it increases steadily okay this is also okay what’s happening well increase is a noun and it could also be used as a verb alright and steady is an adjective but it can also be used an adverb all right so here it’s adjectives nowhere it’s verb adverb all right so just be aware that there are two ways to express that in this blog we just focused on this way all right that’s it see you next time.

 hello I’m bill and what I have right here is some ways for you to tell your opinion to other people okay because maybe you’re having a discussion or maybe even a small argument but these are good ways to tell how you’re feeling and what you think should be done now I have two positive ways here okay for what you think are good ideas so these are for your good ideas and then down here I have two negatives for when you want to talk about bad ideas now an example here with this phrase 

I think that so if you have a good idea you can start with this phrase to tell people your good idea okay maybe even something simple like I think that we should eat healthy food, okay good idea eat healthy food so I think that we should eat healthy food same thing here talk about this my belief is now this is almost the same as I think that you can use it the same way, okay but now we use this for our business here you could say my belief is we are spending too much money on marketing that’s a problem right there so if you think you’re spending too much money tell people my belief is we are spending too much money on marketing okay so you think it’s a good idea to stop that now for the negatives here we have this one talking about bad ideas 

I don’t think that now an easy one here would be I don’t think that is good for the company may be someone’s going to make a bad decision so you want to speak and try to stop it so I don’t think that is a good decision you want to change that better decision now the same thing I disagree that okay this could easily go I disagree that will help the company okay again someone’s going to make a bad decision you want to tell them that your opinion says it’s a bad decision we need to change it so

 I disagree that will help the company okay let’s look at some examples dialog one I think that is a good deal you’re right it used to be more expensive dialogue to my belief is that we should focus more on advertising that’s a good idea now more people will know what we’re selling dialogue 3 I don’t think that we should have a meeting on Friday I understand your feeling there isn’t anything new to tell the employees dialogue for I disagree that the new contract is better than the old one 

I suppose the old one was more clear about expectations all right now you know some ways to tell people your opinion both in a positive way and in a negative way remember for positive just that I think that or my belief is you say that when you want to share a good idea but then there’s always the 

I don’t think that or I disagree that this is when you want to stop people from making a bad decision or you have a better idea than what they have there you can use these at busy at work when you’re talking about business you can use them at home or even in your normal life just any time you have a discussion with people or even an argument these are great ways to let them hear your opinion all right I hope that’s helpful and I hope you use them too thank you hi this is bill and in this blog 

I’m gonna show you a term that is perfect for a business situation okay now maybe you already know the word compromise well there’s a phrase you can use that means the same thing is compromise it’s just an easy to say kind of casual and it’s great for sentences okay now that phrase is meet in the middle alright now it’s kind of exactly what you think all right so now you can think about it like this there’s two men having a business negotiation okay and now maybe the first man wants the price to be $20.00 okay and the second man he wants the price to be $10, okay well the first man doesn’t want $10 and the second man

 doesn’t want $20 so they negotiate and then they decide to meet in the middle that means the man who wants $20 comes down and the man who wants $10 comes up and they choose $15 see that they both give up a little they meet in the middle it’s a fair way to finish a negotiation because if you look at the sentence 

I’ve written up here it says let’s meet in the middle so we can both be happy it’s kind of like everybody wins if you meet in the middle this is good for business when you’re talking about contract or prices of things you can actually also use this if you’re shopping at a market and maybe you think the person selling something is asking for a price too high maybe you offer a lower price and after some talking maybe you

me in the middle or compromise same meaning, okay if you meet in the middle both sides win all right let’s look at some written examples of this being used here are some sentences of how you can use meet in the middle we are both far from what we want but if we meet in the middle we can both be happy 

I want 20 items and you think I should get 10 so let’s meet in the middle and make it 15 items why don’t we meet in the middle so we can finish this negotiation so there you see some easy and practical examples of using phrase meet in the middle now it’s a good phrase to know for business because it’s common everybody uses it at some time when they’re negotiating it’s a good term to use so if you practice it and you use it I promise you that English speakers know the meaning and will think it fits perfectly into your conversation okay so get out there and start talking to people about meeting in the middle when you’re trying to negotiate or decide on something okay I hope you use it and I’ll see you on my next blog thankyou.

Business skills part 3


Business skills part 3

Business skills part 3

I’m happy to travel because the weather in my country is not fun now there’s no real common answer so it takes a lot of practicing but there are some easy answers along the lines of it’s very good right now or no it’s too cold in my country things like that are fine okay let’s look at the last question okay we’re onto the last question the last question it’s a comparative okay we have to think about that and it goes like this is the weather different from here that just means is the weather different in your country from Korea so 

we have to use the ER here and I’ll explain don’t worry so we think it is hotter than here or it is colder than here now there’s other ways of doing it too we could just say it is raining more than here okay or it is more windy than here these are all fine as well now let’s think about all three questions and look at examples of them okay let’s now review the questions question one how is the weather over there sample answers it’s not as hot as Korea or usually very cold or nothing special hot in the summer and cold in the winter question

 two is the weather good in your country this time of year can say yes it is very enjoyable or it’s a lot like Korea or no it’s not good this time of year question three is the weather different from here can say it’s colder than here it’s more wyndi than here or it’s snowing more than here alright so those are three small talk questions you can ask a foreign visitor about the weather in their home country and maybe you’ll be surprised how they answer I know for me Korea in the summer is much hotter than where I’m from in America ok 

I’m from Michigan where it rains a lot it gets hot in the summer but not as hot as Korea so in the summertime while I live here in Korea I’m very uncomfortable sometimes just because of the heat that’s just my feeling so ask other foreign visitors about the weather in their countries and enjoy the small talk have a good time hello I’m bill and what I have for you 

here is small talk conversation okay now this is a great way to start a conversation with small talk because it’s really it’s all about current events and things that are happening right now so if you’re having trouble starting a conversation you can use these to get things going okay now the phrases are we’ll start with this one I hear that now you can say 

I hear that or I heard that you can use present tense or past tense both are fine okay but now you would use I hear that something I hear that the election will start soon now you say I hear that when you’re listening to other people or maybe the radio in your car or a podcast on your smartphone that’s when it when you’re listening to something and you get news when you listen that’s when you say I hear that the election will start soon because my podcast told me that that’s a good way now the other one would be here I read that the economy is getting better now 

I read that because I was on the internet reading news on the internet or maybe a newspaper if you read that but anyway mostly internet or an email from someone who’s talking about something going on that’s fine so it’s just I read that the economy is getting better you read about it now you want to talk about it with someone that’s fine then

 we have I saw that now you use this when you’re watching TV and you see something on TV tells you news of what’s happening now good example here I saw that my favorite actor has a new movie coming ok so that’s good news right there and maybe you want to talk about your co-worker or friend about that news so again look at one more time 

I hear that the election will start soon so can we talk about the election or I read that the economy is getting better let’s talk about the economy now or I saw that my favorite actor is making a new movie is he your favorite do you like the new movie small talk let’s look at some sample dialogues of these things being used dialogue 1 I hear that there is a music festival this weekend yes I’m thinking about going who are you going with dialogue – 

I read that Samsung stock will go down soon really where did you read that I read it on my internet newsfeed dialog 3 I saw that height Jinro is coming out with a new beer where did you see that on the news last night ok so that’s some great ways to start a small talk conversation ok it’s all about current events and what did you hear about what did you read about and what did you see and take that information and go start a conversation I hope it works out for you and you should try it very soon all right good luck see you next time.

Hi I’m Robin and in this blog we’re gonna talk about the difference between branch chain and franchise okay so for some of my students this is a little bit confusing so I hope to clear up all the confusion now the first word we’re gonna talk about is branch okay you can call it a branch or a branch office alright so a company will have a headquarters the central company and a branch office is just an office okay now a good example of branch office are banks okay banks have a lot of branches alright they’ll have the main bank the central bank and then they’ll have different branches in the same city or another city alright now let’s take a look at my example sentence we set up a new branch or branch office in Hong Kong we set up a new branch in Hong Kong

 so maybe our business is in America and we set up a branch office in Hong Kong so that branch office is just an office to help us do business in Hong Kong it helps the headquarters alright that’s branch let’s move on to chain okay so a chain is a store that has one owner okay so there might be the parent company or the headquarters and they have other stores around the world, okay those are chains but the parent company the headquarters owns all the chains, okay a chain does not have a private owner or a private investor okay all the stores are owned by the same company one company let’s take a look at Walmart 

now Walmart is the biggest retail store in the world they tried to come to Korea a few years ago but they failed so they’re gone now but there’s still the largest in the world let’s take a look at the example sentence Walmart is the largest chain in the world, okay so we see chain which means the Walmart 

headquarters they own all the thousands of Walmart’s in the world all right those Walmart’s do not have a private investor or a private person buying and operating a Walmart just as one owner let’s move on to franchise all right the last word we’re gonna look at is franchise now you can contact the corporation and give them money and you can open up one of their stores okay that’s a franchise again it’s different than a chain for example Starbucks there’s thousands of Starbucks around the world but they’re all owned by the corporation but on the other hand McDonald’s 

there’s thousands of McDonald’s around the world but these a lot of these McDonald’s have private investors all right they contacted the corporation and they had a lot of money to invest and they opened up their own McDonald’s that’s their franchise all right now I want to talk about Subway not the underground transportation system that’s a different subway this subway is Subway restaurants okay they make Subway sandwiches and they’re very popular around the world but not so popular in Korea although there are some Subway’s in Korea 

all right subway is the largest franchise in the world okay subway is the largest franchise in the world there are over 37,000 franchises of Subway all right so a lot of people they invest and open up their own Subway franchise, okay so that’s the difference between a branch a chain and a franchise all right I hope you learned a lot in this blog see next time.

hi I’m Robin and in this blog, I’m going to teach you some verbs to describe upward movement okay upward movement what does that mean well that means things are going up, for example, your sales your profits or your stock maybe they’re going up and you want to express that in English 

I want to use these verbs to describe the upward movement alright so the first one go up if you said sales are going up, of course, that’s a good thing increase profits are increasing good thing gain our stock has some gain good climb our sales are climbing climb climbing you could also use that as an upward movement and the last one here strengthen our stocks are strengthening our sales are strengthening that means getting better 

all right let’s move on to some more the first group of verbs describing upward movement we’re great but these ones are better why are these ones better because they’re showing a higher and quicker upward movement there you go you’re going up faster and higher really quick so the first to jump and leap they mean the same thing so if you say my stock jumped or my stock leaped yet your stock went up very quick very high soar is a verb we use to describe the bird flying high in the sky the bird source so

 if your profits soar yeah they’re going up high to the sky that’s a good thing search very fast going up a search so our sales surged during the Christmas time okay rocket like a rocket going straight up very fast our profits rocketed this year skyrocket same as rocket going up very fast to the sky our profits skyrocketed this year and the last one take off sales are really starting to take off okay jump right up go up alright so these are good verbs to describe a very quick and fast upward movement let’s take a look at some examples alright let’s look at the first example our sales are going up and the next 

one our profits increased by 200% this quarter our profits increased by 200% this quarter and the next one my stock is gaining a lot my stock is gaining a lot and the next one our profits continue to climb with no end in sight our profits continue to climb with no end in sight alright the next one this company is really starting to strengthen its profits this company is really starting to strengthen its profits and the next one sales jumped a lot since last year sales jumped a lot since last year the next one our company stock leaped twelve percent today our company stock leaped twelve percent today and the next one 

the stock is soaring after the quarter results were released the stock is soaring after the quarter results were released and the next one we always see a surge in sales over the Christmas holidays we always see a surge in sales over the Christmas holidays the next one since we released our new product our profits have skyrocketed since we released our new product our profits have skyrocketed and the last one when the advertising started the sales took off when the advertising started the sales took off you just saw some good examples and in my examples 

I used stocks profits and sales a lot now these verbs don’t have to be only used with profits and stocks and sales they can be used with many other things to describe upward movement so for example another example would be attendance so if you have an exhibition the attendance at this exhibition skyrocketed okay it went up very fast or another example is just a restaurant oK we’ve seen a lot of gain in customers at our restaurant this year all right so it can be used to describe money situations but it can also be used to describe other situations – alright that’s it for this blog see you next time thankyou.

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